2018 Marketing Trends: The Best Ways to Grow Your Business this Year

Your business—whether in its first year or in its fifteenth—needs to operate with the mindset that your customers are becoming savvier. The products or services you provide may be far superior to anything else out there, but with a plan that doesn't include the best 2018 marketing trends, they might never find their audience. With [...]

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Facebook Marketing: 5 Steps Your Business Needs to Take to Stay Seen

It’s no secret. Using Facebook marketing to connect your business with customers is an essential part of any modern business’s marketing efforts. Sadly, with Facebook’s announcement that the company is changing how content reaches users’ newsfeeds, your business’s social marketing efforts could be at risk if you don’t take action fast. The reason for this [...]

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SEO: Getting Your Site Found On Google

If you’re like the average consumer (I know I am!), you probably use Google to research businesses before deciding whether to purchase products or services from them—from reviews to pricing, Google is most people’s starting point in their transition from potential to actual client. It only makes sense, then, that getting your site found on [...]

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Why Local SEO Matters

Confused about Local SEO?  In a nutshell, properly executed Local SEO will get your business on the map...literally.  When a Google search returns a map in the results, it is Local SEO that can put your business at the top of the listings. Over time your business will be listed in many places online, many [...]

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Keys to a Successful Startup

A successful startup doesn’t just happen. Of course, no one believes that anyway. But even pouring yourself into making your startup work doesn’t guarantee success. You might be able to limp along for a little while, but sooner rather than later, things will fall apart. Bleak, right? Well, it’s a good thing that I believe [...]

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SEO Basics: What Google Likes And Where To Start

Google is always refining their search algorithm, but there are some fundamental things that we know Google likes, as well some trends we're seeing.  So without further fanfare, here are the ZenChange SEO Basics. Now I probably don't need to tell you how important it is for your business to be found on the first [...]

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Franchise Success — What It Takes

Standing out as a franchise in your industry is a tricky feat to achieve. There might be too many big names standing in your way. Or perhaps the thing blocking you from franchise success is a bit more subtle. Whatever situation your franchise finds itself in, there are some core concepts that can help you [...]

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5 Ways to Boost Your Small Business Online Performance

It’s always been hard for small businesses to compete with bigger operations, and that’s true for small businesses with long histories and those that have just started out. Even with the democratizing force of the internet, small businesses can still have trouble getting their message to the right people. In fact, the constantly changing rules [...]

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Attention Miami FL CPA Firms! Why Accountants Need to Take SEO Seriously

Attention Miami FL CPA Firms! Why Accountants Need to Take SEO Seriously SEO? What’s That? First thing's first—what is SEO? Short for search engine optimization, SEO is a process that makes your site more attractive to search engines like Google. But how does the process work? The inner technical aspects of search engines are actually [...]

Net neutrality: What Is It And How It Will Affect Small Business Websites

Everyone knows about net neutrality. Wait, what? We do? Of course not. Up until yesterday, barely anyone had heard of it. The media had no coverage of this vote leading up to it. But with the FCC’s decision less than 24 hours ago to dismantle its regulations on net neutrality, reality has just kicked in. [...]