A business plan is an important document for any startup, business seeking investors or certification, or simply as a smart way to think through the operating structure and go-to-market model that will make your dream a success.

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What Is A Business Plan Anyway?

So what exactly is a Business Plan? Surely you’ve heard of it, but what needs to be included? How long should it be? How in-depth should it be? Do you really need to include projected earnings? If so, how accurate must they be?

Did you know that Business Plans for a small business can be up to forty, fifty, sixty pages long? And the research within these pages is vital, because your business plan is what’s needed to:

  • Secure funding from a bank or an investor
  • Map out your company’s projections
  • Plan your budget
    • How much do you have to put towards rental space?
    • How many employees can you afford?
  • Growing your business in the future

A bank isn’t going to give you a loan based on a smile and a promise, right? As a business owner, time is no luxury. Your life consists of being pulled in all different directions. And it takes the average small business owner 250 hours write their business plan. With us, you can take this time back. We’ll have a quick turnaround with a product that will set you above your competitors.  

Business Plan Objectives
Business Plan Objectives
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What We Do To Write Your Business Plan

We’ll chat with you. We’ll ask you everything about your business and what you desire to get out of this plan. Tell us about your product, your market, competitors, and anything else you find we should know. This will give us a better understanding of which market to attack and key terms and sections to include in the plan that will be engaging to investors and bankers. And then you’re off, back to running your business efficiently and effectively.

Now we step in and get to work. With the input you’ve given us, we begin detailed research. We look at current trends and financial forecasts for your industry as focal points for your business plan. Then we turn all this information into aesthetically pleasing charts and graphs to make it easy on the eyes of the ones you’ll want reviewing it.

We compile everything and hand you back a document that will work as a platform to secure funding or simply to get your business organized. You’ll be satisfied knowing you saved yourself time and came out with a professional piece of work that you can now use as an investment tool.

What’s Included

A business plan provides an overview of your business history (or owner history if you’re just starting out), what sets you apart from your competitors, the nature of the market in which you compete, target customers, your pricing model and your financial projections.

  • Executive Summary
  • Business Goals:  Business Objectives, Vision, Mission, Business Description, Services Sold, Key Industries, Geographies
  • Market Research:  Market Overview, Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats, Market Trends
  • Positioning:  Target Market Segments, Business Growth Strategy
  • Competition:  Key Competitors, Pricing
  • Operations:  Leadership, Products, Board of Directors Responsibilities (if applicable)
  • Financial Projections:  Financial Management Plan, 2 Years Past Financial Statements (if applicable), 3 Year Projected Income Statement, 3 Year Projected Balance Sheet, 3 Year Projected Cash Flow Statement
Business Plan Table of Contents
Business Plan Table of Contents

Choose Your Business Plan Package

You Prepare The Financial Statements

  • 40-60 page document
  • Business Goals & Description
  • Market Research
  • Market Research & Positioning
  • Competitive Analysis & Niche
  • We’ll format financials you provide into the plan
  • Up to 19 hours of research & consulting

We Prepare The Financial Statements

  • 40-60 page document
  • Business Goals & Description
  • Market Research
  • Market Research & Positioning
  • Competitive Analysis & Niche
  • We’ll create the financial statements based on your input
  • Up to 22 hours of research & consulting

Put the spotlight on your business. Don’t let the business plan for your small business get thrown into the Average pile. Demand your presence. Call us today.