Focus On Your Sweet Spot

Your marketing plan includes your business “key truths”, client-driven market “sweet spot”, business market analysis, vision and mission and where to focus your promotional efforts.

When you focus your business you will be able to streamline, be more effective and spend less time on tasks that don’t really count.

Find your market sweet spot that aligns your vision, mission and key truths, customers who will resonate with your business and tell others, and repeatable processes for efficiency.  Our small business marketing plan documents what defines success and recommendations on how to get there.

  • Your small business SWOT analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats).  It anticipates market shifts both positive and negative.

  • Vision (the key values/truths of the organization, it’s guiding beliefs and purpose) and mission (what your business does and what makes you special – its purpose and objectives).

  • Market “Sweet Spot”.  That optimal intersection of your vision, mission, key truths, customers who will resonate with your business and tell others, and the possibility of repeatable processes for efficiency.

  • Promotional plan.  How to expand your business via paid and unpaid promotion.


Marketing Strategy

Don’t let your small business be one of the 50% that fails within 5 years…


What Makes You Different?

Will your clients know how to describe your sweet spot when referring friends?

Target Market

What We Do

  • We begin with the key truths of your business.  When a business is operating in a manner that is inconsistent with your core values and ethics it causes stress and dissatisfaction.  You know in your gut that you are doing the wrong thing.  When you state these key truths openly you will tend to attract clients, suppliers and employees who share the same truths. Once your key truths are documented, they should guide every decision you make for your business.  As an example, one of our key truths here at ZenChange is “A Promise Is A Promise – When we commit, we will deliver.  What we say, we do.

  • We then work with you to approach defining your market “Sweet Spot” using techniques that begin with your clients before focusing inward.  We will take you through a client prioritization exercise which takes into account more than simply financial return in order to evaluate the true cost and true benefit of working with each client.  From your clients’ viewpoint using interviews, combined with market research, we then assess your organization’s Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats and then use all of this information to design your Sweet Spot, or in other words your market niche that is compelling, differentiated and credible.  We work with you and your team to articular your new or revised Vision (why your company is here on Earth) and Mission (what you do and what makes you different).  The result is an effective, validated niche with the greatest likelihood of return and around which you can focus your efforts.

  • Finally, based on your product/market fit, we create your pitch that you may use online or offline to describe in a memorable and compelling way what makes you unique.  We then look for opportunities to use that pitch to grow your clients, including how to nurture new prospects into clients, how to better farm your contact base, and our recommendations for free and paid advertising.

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