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Legal: RRBH Law

Healthcare: Shawn M. Cole

Public Adjuster: James C. Murphy

eCommerce: Ocean Sole

Healthcare: Dr. Mariela Cogorno

Healthcare: Miami Back Pain

Healthcare: Eye Hope Clinic

Healthcare: ICBR

Information Technology: Wemlo

Food: Dean Street Taco Chips

Healthcare: Virtual Cred Possibilities

Legal: The Law Office of Whitney L. Thompson

Wellness: Dr. Rafael Padro

Automotive: GFX

Healthcare: Fit Life Pediatrics

Insurance: Orange Insurance

Finance: US Credit Defense

Healthcare: Mind & Soul Therapy

Real Estate: VC Capital Partners

Legal: Amador & Cuellar, PLLC (legal)

Insurance Adjuster: Murphy Claims

Finance: American Auto Bankers

Legal: Cistaro Law

eCommerce: Icons Miami

Education: ISNR

Legal: Granda Family Law

Healthcare: Marco Drugs

Legal: Seyba Law

Home Design Services: Exotic Wall Finishes

Information Technology: Patchnet

Legal: Casal & Moreno

Cyber Security: Vesuvitas

Healthcare: Dr. Michael P. Newman

Dog Hotel: Doggies Gone Wild

Healthcare: Rydland Pediatrics

Insurance: Diversified Employer Benefits

Healthcare: Michelle C. Fernandez PHD

eCommerce: Private Pocket

Education: Hughes Educational Consulting

Non-Profit: Prolific Lives

Legal: AM Law

Legal: HLF Real Estate Law

Life Coach: Coach Dee Burrowes

Plumbing Company: Custom Plumbing

Life Coach: Sirkin Creative Living

Healthcare: Jennifer Dominguez, Homeopath

Healthcare: Longevity Acupuncture

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