Do You Have A Compelling Message?

Creating Your Brand Message

What does your brand stand for in the eyes of your target clients? When people think of your company, what comes to mind? What would you like to come to mind? How do they describe you when referring a colleague? Is your message simple, concise and easy to understand? Most of all is it remarkable? Harley Davidson=open road, tough. Volvo=safety. ZenChange=Fortune 500 Secrets For Small Business. What does your brand equal? Your brand strategy and brand positioning statement will align your organization behind what your brand stands for and clarify your message for marketing communications.

  • Website content writing
  • Blog ghost writing
  • Promotional brochure and feature sheet content
  • eBook and white paper ghost writing
  • Professional bio writing

If your web page bounce rate is over 35%, you need better content. This means that over 1/3 of your website visitors land on your web page and leave your site rather than clicking around to explore.

Does Your Content Reflect Your Brand?

Make it easy for clients to refer you and for prospects to choose you with compelling written content.

What We Do

  • When re-branding or re-positioning your company for growth, we build on your sweet spot from your Marketing Plan. During that project we will help develop a compelling strategy to include communication, product, pricing, channel and distribution. We will help you to develop a brand positioning statement to include your target clients, market, your brand promise (be it emotional or rational) and why anyone should believe your brand promise. Your positioning should connect with the emotions of your target clients as this process will help create lasting memories of your brand.
  • We will also develop your elevator pitch, which is your 10-30 second verbal business card. It is your response to “what do you do?” or “what does your business do?” intended to spark interest and engage conversation. It should be interesting and inspire a next step. We will create a slightly longer, written version of your pitch that becomes your company description key paragraph used on your website, in directories, in press releases and in other written communications and other business listings which require a profile. A good elevator pitch should entice the listener, disarm them with something they hadn’t thought of or a unique approach, and end with an opening for them to discover more. It needs to sound true to you and roll off your tongue while capturing the attention of the listener.
  • But your content doesn’t end there. We can help with writing a professional bio to match the pitch of your firm or practice and make sure that your feature sheets, brochures and handouts are all synchronized with your message. It is important that clients and prospects hear a common theme from every business communication in order to understand who you are and what makes you different in a way that allows them to describe you to others as part of a referral. If a client thinks you’re great but can’t explain why you’re better than the next guy or gal, then it will be difficult to refer others.
  • If you need us to, we can focus and update the message on your entire website. Working with another web designer? No problem, we are happy to work collaboratively and provide them with the written content to best position your brand.
  • Special note to agencies – yes we will white label our services. Just ask!

Our writing team is U.S. based, native speakers, and all overseen by a professional editor.