On Page Seo

SEO is a strategic marketing initiative that over time will reduce what you spend on advertising as your business will appear higher in natural search results. It will boost the results of your social media and online advertising campaigns to bring more leads to the top of your sales funnel.

SEO Services Begin By Optimizing Your Website For Speed And Conversions

Here’s How It Works

  1. Google expects your web page to load in 2 seconds or less, otherwise your ranking is penalized.
  2. Google expects your website to be mobile friendly.  This means that content should automatically be stacked vertically for easy scrolling without “stretching” to view the pages.
  3. Google needs help indexing all of your website.  You need a site map as well as page cross-links.
  4. Google cares about the number and quality of reviews you have.  The ZenChange online review management service is the perfect complement to SEO.
  5. Google cares about social proof.  Do you have social media buzz?  Check out ZenChange social media management.
  6. Google cares about local listings.  See ZenChange Local SEO service.
  7. Google LOVES content.  The more the better but it must be optimized for the specific keywords on which you want to rank.  Yep, we do that!
  8. Visitors care about the look and feel of your website.  Is it inviting?  Does it have lots of relevant content to review?  Is there a call to action?  Can they quickly find your contact into without clicking or scrolling?  Is it worth it for them to leave you their contact information?

What we do for Small Business SEO

  • ZenChange will take a look under the hood of your website.  We may need to do a 1-time cleanup before we begin monthly service, depending upon it’s condition.  Just like a car, your website needs maintenance.  Without it, your tune up may be more intense.
  • We’ll optimize your website technically so it loads quickly.  This involves us going very deep into your code to move or remove scripts and make the order in which various elements load more efficient.
  • We’ll perform a keyword analysis and optimize your content for those keywords.  This involves us going into each web page, changing the META data and editing your content so it will rank better.
  • We’ll write new keyword rich content to help you to rank for our target keywords.

We’ll Start With An SEO Audit

Just like doctors need diagnostic tests before creating a treatment plan, digital marketers need an SEO audit so we know what is and isn’t working with your website. We’ll run some tests like the ones you see on this page and look for issues with any of the following and more:

  • Page titles – are they the right length and keyword optimized?
  • META descriptions – are they the right length, relevant to the page and will the page descriptions populated by search engines convert?
  • Heading tags – do you have them and are they being used properly?
  • Site map – do you have one?  Is it up to date?
  • Render blocking – is Java script and CSS interfering with how quickly your “above the fold” (i.e. what you see on your web page before scrolling) content loads?
  • SSL Certificate – do you have one to give the search engines confidence in your site?
  • Page speed – do your web pages load in 2 seconds or less?  Longer and the search engines will penalize your ranking.
  • Page requests – is your site optimized to handle the page requests it receives?  This is important because as we start driving more traffic there it must be ready.
  • Page size – are your pages light and nimble or are they loaded down with large files such as images that have not been optimized for web.
  • Mobile friendliness – how well does your site perform on mobile?  Is it quick and to the point?  How easy is it to find your information on mobile?

Gain Deeper Insights Into How The Search Engines See Your Website

Why Should You Care About SEO Services?

Google Cares

When people looking for your products or services enter search terms, the search engines will return the results that are the closest match, on websites with social proof, lots of great reviews, and that will load quickly and keep people on page longer to deliver the best user experience.

SEO Drives Sales

  • 61% of users use the Internet to research products
  • Search Engines are the starting point for 44% of online shoppers ◦ 75% of users never go past the first page of search results
  • 131 billion searches are made per month

Services Professionals Are Found Online

  • 15.6% of consumers find their attorney from an online search.
  • 52% turn to the web to find a realtor
  • 31% of searches for financial services start on a website
  • More than 40% of consumers say that information they find online affects how they deal with their health.

Gain Deeper Insights Into How The Search Engines See Your Website

SEO Basic

Target Keyword Phrases
Website Stickiness Analysis
Competitive Analysis
Content Optimization Recommendations
External Content Recommendations
Up to 5 hours of changes monthly

SEO Premium

Target Keyword Phrases
Website Stickiness Analysis
Competitive Analysis
Content Optimization Recommendations
External Content Recommendations
Keyword Rich Content Writing
Up to 10 hours of changes monthly

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