A small business marketing or startup strategy workshop can be a
great place to launch your new marketing approach.

Need help figuring out your strategy?

What can a virtual marketing workshop accomplish?

A workshop is typically most appropriate in the following situations:

  • You struggle with your go-to-market and brand message
  • You are about to create a lot of content and need to make sure it is aligned with your target market
  • You need to build out your target personas (segments) and determine how to reach each of them
  • You need to refine your company vision, mission and strategy
  • You need to nail down your 3 to 5-year plan
  • You have different people in your company with differing perspectives and need to align

What happens during a virtual marketing workshop?

Each of our workshops is fully customized for your strategic objective.  Prior to the workshop we’ll research your business and competitors.  We’ll speak with any of the workshop participants by phone to gather their input, review whatever documentation you may already have, and prepare the exercises we’ll use for the workshop. We designed our virtual marketing workshops to be engaging and interactive. We hope to someday return to facilitating live workshops, but meanwhile, we have invested in fancy tools and honed our approach making the virtual option effective. We’re able to pass the cost savings along to you and deliver strategy workshops for about one-third of our previous price!

Our facilitator will lead the group through the exercises and document progress on the virtual flipcharts, making sure you have achieved consensus and guiding the direction with input from marketing and business best practices.  Depending on the subject area, one or more co-facilitators may also participate as subject matter experts.  We will conclude with a set of action steps, owners and timing, and a multi-year plan if that is part of our scope.

Following the workshop, we’ll sum up the notes into a presentation that we’ll send over to you as a pdf for distribution.   You can either decide to move forward and implement the recommendations alone, or we would be happy to discuss providing additional support.

How much does a virtual marketing workshop cost?

A virtual marketing workshop may be as simple as a couple of hours plus prep and follow up to create your personal brand or business brand story, or as complex as a multi-day event. A virtual marketing workshop can be $600 for a simple brand story, $4000 for a 1-day marketing strategy with personas, go-to-market message and marketing roadmap, or more if multiple days or additional experts are required..
When we do return to in person workshops, depending on the duration and amount of preparation and follow up required, the cost typically ranges from $2500 for a 1/2 day with basic prep to $8000 for 2 days, plus travel. Our consultants are based in South Florida. Contact us for a custom quote.