Online Review Management Service

Access to over 45 online review websites including…

Here’s How It Works

  1. Customers leave a review directly on your website, making it easy.
  2. You can also use our app to easily ask for on site reviews by yourself and field staff using any mobile device.
  3. ZenChange will push review requests to new customers after a predetermined period of time.
  4. We will create social media posts and graphics for your newsletter requesting reviews.
  5. Positive reviews are displayed on your website AND pushed out to Google+, Yelp, Facebook, Avvo or whatever channels are appropriate for your business.
  6. Negative reviews are held internally to resolve with the customer BEFORE they feel compelled to review you publicly.
  7. You receive email alerts and reports of your reviews.
  8. Positive reviews can easily be shared on social media.

We Set It Up And Manage It For You

  • ZenChange will install and configure the online review management tool on your website.  We’ll upload your current reviews giving you one central page for all testimonials.
  • We’ll setup email alerts for you each time you receive a review.
  • We’ll provide monthly reports of your progress.
  • We’ll even work with you on innovative ways to get customers to leave you reviews, including training your team, and creating compelling graphics for your social media and newsletter.  We’ll work with you weekly to submit new customer review requests.
  • We’ll prioritize the review channels according to your Local SEO listing opportunities (assuming you also use our Local SEO service).
  • We mark-up your testimonials with Schema so that you stay on top of SEO best practices!

Reviews Are Entered Directly On Your Website Or Via Mobile App

When customers check out your testimonials or reviews page they’ll be asked to submit their own review. We install our tool on your website and also provide access via any mobile device. We’ll add a “review us” 5-star image similar to the one you see on our website and use social media, email marketing and other techniques to drive traffic there.

Measure customer satisfaction with accurate reporting metrics including the Net Promoter Score that is then converted to a 5 star scale.

Take control of your online reputation! Instead of reacting after the fact to a negative review (or worse yet not noticing it was there in the first place), filter out negative reviews for direct action with clients and make things right BEFORE they feel compelled to post them online. Even well meaning clients who think rating you a 1 means that you’re a #1 business can be gently educated in the event that what they really meant to do was rate you a 10.

Gain Deeper Insights Into Key Metrics
Including Your Net Promoter Score

Why Should You Care About Online Reviews?

Google Loves Reviews

Google Local Search results favor websites with many 5-star reviews. Their rationale is that they are trying to create a positive online experience for searchers. By earning more positive reviews, ZenChange Online Review Management will help you to get noticed in local search and improve your rankings. Social proof is huge! People really do care what others think.

Bad Reviews Can Hurt Your Business

Competition is fierce and even 1 or 2 negative reviews, no matter how undeserving, can hurt your business. There are simply too many options to choose from. ZenChange Review Management not only filters reviews before they go online, but encourages more positive reviews to push the negative ones helping your online reputation reflect how good you are!

Reviews Provide Important Feedback

Not only do positive reviews bring in business, but creating a structured process to receive ongoing feedback from your customers is simply good business. ZenChange Online Review Management will train you and your team to gather reviews, provide coaching on how to handle negative reviews, and help you to improve.

Choose Your Online Review Management Package

Review Management Lite

Control which reviews go public
Review alerts emails
Review on your website or mobile device
Up to 1000 direct email requests/month
Monthly reports
Training on how to ask for reviews
$199 Initial Setup

Review Management Complete

Control which reviews go public
Review alerts emails
Review on your website or mobile device
Up to 3000 email requests/month
Up to 200 SMS Text Messages/month
Optional drip campaign setup
Monthly reports
Training on how to ask for reviews
Varying monthly campaign to request reviews
Prioritize review channels according to Local SEO listing opportunities (assumes ZenChange Local SEO service)
$199 Initial Setup

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