Build Your
Online Academy

Demand for online learning is growing and the tools to create your online academy are becoming increasingly sophisticated. Even if the idea of selling courses seems like a lot, offering free classes can help with customer retention for other areas of your business.

Creating An Online Academy: How We Can Help

Plan The Academy

What will you teach? How will you convert your message to digital? We’ll consult with you on course & message planning.

Plan The Classes

Break the message down into digestible segments. Create scripts, quizzes & pdfs.

Build The Website

Logo, written copy, customize online platform, graphic banners, shoot & edit video. Upload to learning platform. Add pdfs, ebooks & quizzes. Add interactive elements to videos.

Create The Classes

DIY video class. Video post production (editing). Setup courses. Create & upload ebooks, Write quizzes.
Add click outs, and Q&A to video.

Market The Classes

Organic:  Create email campaigns, Social media posts & engagement, Youtube channel
Paid:  Create PPC campaigns including strategy, creative & copy.

Other Online Learning Marketplaces

If you were selling widgets, you would have your own eCommerce platform, AND list them on marketplaces such as Amazon. Marketplaces can bring exposure and sales.

Here are some course marketplaces to consider. We can help get your courses listed!:

  • Udemy: Largest eLearning marketplace. Free to host. You keep 100% of profit if you sell and 50% if Udemy sells. Most courses $15-$200. Highly competitive.
  • Teachers need 5 years experience, awards or publications/conferences. You earn 50% and gain exposure to the Economist’s network of specialists, which can lead to speaking gigs.
  • Apply as an instructor. 50% earnings.
  • Skills based training. Earn $7/student plus royalties based on minutes watched. Low earning potential when starting but can grow.
  • Great for Spanish content. Earn 70% per course.

eLearning Academy Help

We can help as much or as little as you need

  • Consult with you on strategy to create and build your academy and create your curriculum & training plan: Consulting sessions $150-$200/hour
  • Setup your online academy in LearnWorlds: $999 package includes customizing your website with banners & graphic design to make it unique, then adding your first 10 classes (you’ll provide the videos, quizzes and any downloadable content).
  • Video editing of your recording $200 per class up to 30 mins. Includes uploading to LearnWorlds. (adding video callouts within the platform $75/hour)
  • Create a branded, designed, downloadable 1-2 page pdf to accompany your classes: $150 for the first one then $75 for subsequent pages.
  • Create quizzes from your video content: $75/hour.