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WordPress is used by over 75 million websites, making it the most popular Content Management System (CMS) globally.

Although WordPress is free to install and offers thousands of plugins and templates to customize the look and feel and add features, in the close to 8 years we’ve been building websites on WordPress, we’ve learned a thing or two.
1. Choosing the right theme is important. Many themes are created with heavy code that may make it close to impossible for it ever to load quickly enough to help with SEO. Some themes are also restrictive and will require custom coding for you to get the layout you want. Still, others aren’t great for security and tend to be more popular targets for hacking. At ZenChange Marketing, we use a theme built for speed that allows us complete design flexibility to make your website look like just about anything!
2. Choosing the right plugins is important. Plugins are often used for sliders, to help with SEO, for contact forms, and more. As an open-source platform, just about anyone can code a plugin and make it available. But that doesn’t mean you should use it. Those plugins coded by a guy in his basement could leave your website vulnerable to malicious code and slow it down. And if he decides he doesn’t want to be in the plugin business anymore, his code might break during an upcoming WordPress release. We use plugins created by known developers with a reputation for quality. We also license several of the premium plugins we add to websites at no additional cost to you.
3. Choosing the right website hosting company is important. Your website is made up of several pieces of software that run on a web server. That server lives at your website hosting company. Think of it a bit like the software that runs on your computer’s operating system installed on your desktop or laptop. Your website’s theme and plugins are like your computer’s software, WordPress is like your operating system, and the webserver is like your MacBook. As with any technology, things sometimes get out of sync if they aren’t maintained and break. If your website happens to go down the night before your next campaign, you want to know that your website hosting company will answer your call with reps who know what they’re doing and can help. You also want to know that your website is secure and backed up, so you don’t lose your investment and have to pay someone to rebuild it. While your cousin’s offer to host your website from that server he has in his bedroom may sound tempting, we’ve learned it’s better to host with a real company. We recommend GoDaddy.
4. The design process is important. You shouldn’t have to make your business message fit someone else’s design. We’ll take you through a process of sharing design elements and recommendations, and reviewing other website designs, you like to understand your style. We’ll then create a full home page mockup, so you’ll see how the colors, fonts, images, and copy all work together. Only once we know you love the design will we start your build, and we’re able to move pretty rapidly through that process.

5. Your home page is important. What is written on your home page often determines whether a website visitor will hang around to learn more about you, or bounce off to the next website destination. That’s why for each of our projects, we include home page copy that, in our experience, is most likely to convert. We’ll work with you to approve, of course, but there is a psychology to how you write a home page that we have found quite important.

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