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Net neutrality: That Thing We Hear About So Often

Everyone knows about net neutrality. Wait, what? We do? Of course not. Up until yesterday, barely anyone had heard of it. The media had no coverage of this vote leading up to it. But with the FCC’s decision less than 24 hours ago to dismantle its regulations on net neutrality, reality has just kicked in. [...]

Entrepreneurial Success Advice from the CEO: Dr. Ivan Misner, BNI Founder

Today I had the opportunity to be part of an intimate "ask the founder" question and answer session with BNI founder and the father of networking, Dr. Ivan Misner about his recommendations for entrepreneurial success.  Founded in 1985, BNI (Business Networking International) is the largest business networking organization of its kind, with over 200,000 members [...]

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Small Business Mission: Managing As A Map, Not A GPS

A clear mission for a small business is like looking at a map rather than the tiny screen of the GPS on your mobile device.  On a GPS, we typically enter an address where we'd like to go, and it gives us turn by turn directions.  You know where you are, and you know your [...]

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Recipe For “Brand Chocolate”: How To Be Irresistible

How do some brands seem to have that irresistible quality that creates a loyal following of happy clients who talk about them and refer others?  How do some brands seem to be found while others disappear? To explain, I like to use the analogy of a chocolate shop.  The chocolatier’s dilemma is that she has [...]

5 Key Digital Marketing Best Practices for 2016

I’m often asked the question “what’s the next big thing in digital marketing?”. The truth is that the next big thing isn’t one thing at all, it’s everything. As consumers we are overwhelmed with data. We reach for our smart phones as soon as we wake up in the morning to check email and our [...]

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Does Your Service Live Up To Your Tag Line?

A month ago my business networking group decided that we should all run a charity 5K together and that it would be even more fun if we had team shirts with our group name and logos on it, like the real running shirts you get in races.  We decided to get something nice, not one [...]

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Why “Me Too” Marketing Usually Fails

I was speaking with someone the other day who wanted nothing more than to understand the “secret sauce” of one of his competitors.  If only he knew what this guy was doing to attract business he could replicate it and watch his own business grow by leaps and bounds.  Is it possible to peer into [...]

How to Clone Your Best Clients

You walk into your waiting room and there she is, Mrs. Manning, smiling as you enter.  Although she is a client, after all this time a handshake is too formal for her and you greet with a hug and a kiss on the cheek.  As you walk her into your office you chat animatedly about [...]

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15 Ways to Get More Followers on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+

Everyone loves followers, it makes us feel popular and business is no different. Here are some ways for small business owners to increase your following on social media: 1. Post great content (intuitive right?) 2. Write a professional bio. You would be surprised at how many clients come to us with outdated content in their [...]

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A Hashtag Primer for Small Business

A hashtag is a keyword or phrase preceded by the hash symbol (#), that people include in their social media posts. Essentially, it makes the content of your post accessible to all people with similar interests, even if they’re not your followers or fans.  For instance, let’s say you’re an Apple fan and that you’re [...]

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