4 Lessons Your Small Business Internet Marketing Can Learn from Online Dating

4 Lessons Your Small Business Internet Marketing Can Learn from Online Dating

Your small business internet marketing strategy can learn a lot from online dating. This article demonstrates how.

Valentine’s Day may have come and gone, but this year it’s still got me thinking. Thanks to the pandemic, we have all had to keep our distance, which means dating has gone completely digital.

Sure, we’ve had online dating and dating apps for a while now, but with the surge in popularity of “Zoom dates”—which are exactly what they sound like, evenings spent in front of a webcam trying to figure out if you’ve met that special someone—it is clear as day just how much we have come to rely on technology to feel connected.

Businesses need to take note.

After all, what is true in the online dating world is certainly true in the small business internet marketing world. In a way, that’s what online dating is, especially considering that your online profile probably highlights all of your best qualities—marketing yourself to find love.

With that in mind, I thought it might be a good idea to look for some lessons that businesses can learn from dating apps. Without further ado, here are four ways to find some client love.

Always put Your Best “You” Front and Center on Your Digital Channels

Every digital channel that you use is an opportunity to make a good impression on your followers. This means not only putting out interesting, useful content but also making sure that your profiles are complete, accurate, and flattering to your business (and to you if you are the face of your business).

Imagine that each of your channels is another piece of your dating profile and you will see why it is critical to put your best face forward in a consistent way.

Authenticity > People-Pleasing

With that said, it’s not a good strategy to try and win over everyone. Not every person who comes across your social media profiles, blogs, or email campaigns is going to convert, nor should you want them to. Your job is to find those who will like you for who you are, and that means speaking directly to that audience.

It’s Okay to Be Sexy

If you had a dating profile, what would your profile picture look like? Chances are good that you would probably pick your most attractive photo. Now, don’t misunderstand me—by “sexy,” I don’t necessarily mean scandalous, skimpy, or sexualized. It is possible to be sexy without showing an inch of skin.

Confidence can be sexy. Knowing what you want can be sexy. Speaking your mind can be sexy. Your small business internet marketing strategy should convey self-awareness and a sincere belief in what you do.

Close the Deal

Once you have found that perfect customer or client, it’s important that you know how to close the deal. In the dating world, that means knowing how to ask someone out. In the business world, it means getting your audience to take action, whether that action is buying from you, opening an email, or calling you for a consultation. Your calls-to-action need to put your leads one step closer to becoming customers.

Is your small business internet marketing matching you with the right customers?

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