Small Business Marketing requires a balance of art and science to be successful.  The art is in looking great online, but the science is in structuring a website and campaigns that perform.  The foundation of your marketing strategy is having a nice looking website that converts, and an attractive, and active, social media presence.  More than ever, people will check you out online, so think of this as your digital business card.  You should also take the time to refine your product or service offering, because the more compelling your solution, the less you’ll need to spend on marketing since it will start to sell itself through word-of-mouth from happy clients.  And if you’re thinking about marketing, you should be actively networking since that is the #1 thing any small business owner can do to grow their business.

Once you’re looking good, start your marketing with a focus on your clients by asking for referrals and testimonials, as well as figuring out what else you can do for the people who already think you’re great.

Next up is to market to people you know.  You want to make sure that they remember you for their referrals and their own needs.  This type of small business marketing can be done via emails, as well a lots of online content to make yourself visible.

Once you have these two stages nailed down, it’s time to market to people you don’t know.  The strategic way that is less expensive but also takes a while, is online engagement, SEO, guest blogs, reviews and remarketing.  The goal here is to show up organically in search results, and to nurture those leads until they are ready to buy.

The tactical way to quickly get in front of your audience is via paid ads.  But paying for ads before you have a web presence that will convert when they click over to you clearly doesn’t make sense.

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