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After Irma Small Businesses Struggle To Reopen

After Irma - The Struggle To Rebuild Florida Small Businesses Hurricane Irma plowed thorough the entire state of Florida over the weekend, leaving millions of residents without electricity.  Florida prepares itself for days, and maybe weeks, without power.  While the focus of the news after Irma has been on residents recovering their homes, and streets [...]

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SEO Basics 2017: What Google Likes And Where To Start

Google is always refining their search algorithm, but there are some fundamental things that we know Google likes, as well some trends we're seeing.  So without further fanfare, here are the ZenChange SEO Basics 2017. Now I probably don't need to tell you how important it is for your business to be found on the [...]

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2 Simple Reasons You Should Add Video to Your Social Media Marketing Strategy

I’m often asked whether video for social media marketing really makes that much of a difference for small businesses. Short answer: if done right, it can make a very big difference. In fact, I’ve seen many small businesses—all with great potential in their respective markets—both lose momentum and gain that extra push needed to go [...]

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Does Your Online Marketing Feel Like Throwing Darts?

Remember the carnival game where you had three darts to throw at a wall full of balloons to win the giant stuffed panda?  Most of the darts would hit the wall, or skim by the balloon, and if you did manage to pop a balloon it would typically be for a rather unexciting small plastic [...]

How to select a compelling blog topic

Whether you have a large and dedicated following for your blog, or it you're trying to build one, selecting a blog topic is one of the most important decisions you can make.  You need to consider whether it is of general interest as well as your subject matter expertise and passion for the topic.  If [...]

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How Your Small B2B Business Can Rock Social Media

The questions we typically hear most often from small businesses about social media are: Which social media networks should I consider? What type of content should I post? These are great questions and we have certainly seen a lot of boring Business-To-Business (B2B) content on social media.  It often seems that only Business-To-Consumer (B2C)  businesses [...]

Linked In Best Practices For Small Business

There are some social media channels that are an absolute "must" for your small business, in particular Facebook, Google+ (mostly because Google loves it, and also because your clients are probably already reviewing your performance there) and Twitter.  I would add Instagram if you can portray your business visually (and most of us can), and [...]

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How Often Should A Small Business Blog?

The simple answer is, it depends upon how much impact you want.  Let's start by reviewing some of the reasons a small business owner would want to blog: To demonstrate expertise in their line of work To get the word out about something new To share a frequently asked question with a broader audience, allowing [...]

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Local Marketing With Twitter

Be locally savvy using Twitter.  Check out what places around you are tweeting on Twitter, and see if there are any locally relevant hashtags. Using the right one will help tell people exactly what part of town you’re in, especially in big cities, and make you look locally savvy. You can use the advanced search [...]

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Online Reviews Best Practices

From Vocus You probably need more. When choosing a business to buy from, customers search for reviews by other customers. If you haven’t got any, you’re in danger of being overlooked. Don’t fear the added attention of online reviews. While you can’t control what consumers say about your brand, there are ways to foster positive [...]

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