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At ZenChange Marketing, our trusted set of partners serve small businesses in a diverse range of industries and scope. When you join one of our partner programs, you’ll get exclusive benefits – including co-marketing support and customized solutions – to help transform your business for the better and those of the business professionals you work with.

Partner programs


Affiliate partner

You refer leads while our sales team manages the referral source. Simply endorse ZenChange marketing to get instant perks.  10% commission on month 1 revenue.

Reseller partner

You manage your referral, closing the sale using our services under your ongoing account management. Collaborate with our expert marketing, sales and operations teams for mutual wins.  We white label our services to you at a discount, allowing you to add your value and set your price.

Strategic partner

You are a company with similar goals to ZenChange Marketing. You may be a private equity firm, venture fund, or technology firm looking for a long-term partnership opportunity.  We will collaborate on deals, providing our strategy input and blending our solutions with yours.

What's included

Co-branding & support

Our marketing campaigns offer hight visibility in a
crowded market. Our operations create a streamlined process.

Customized tools just for you

Have an urgent lead? Ready to book a quick sales call?
We’ve got you covered.

Partnership process

We give our partners the same time and attention we give our business. With ZenChange Marketing onboarding we focus on a great experience for your referrals.

We enable your teams with ZenChange Marketing training and resources.


What ZenChange Marketing clients say.

AM Law

Brandy Abreu, ESQ.

Diane and her team are magically amazing. If you need to take your business to the next level painlessly- give them a try. You won’t regret it!