Miami SEO Services: Why Long Tail Keywords Are Better for Business

Your website is crucial to keeping your business alive. Think of it like this—the internet is a big…well, net. Your site is part of this net and allows you to “catch” visitors who might be interested in your services. For local businesses, Miami SEO services (to use my local community as an example) can prevent those little fishies­ that you catch in virtual space from slipping free.

Those fishies are sales, BTW.


Money coming into your business.

Your business can’t live if it don’t eat.

But wait, you might be asking, why do I need my business to rank better on Google? Is it really worth the time, money, and effort? Well, I’m here to tell you that it definitely is worth all of that, and then some.

You’ve just got to go about it the right way.

That’s where long tail keywords come in. When employed properly, long tail keywords—search terms that are longer and more specific to your niche than general terms—bring people to your site who are more likely to buy from you. To go back to the fishing analogy, your small business is like a single fishing boat on a crowded ocean. You’ve got to find space on the water where you can cast your net. The big companies have bigger nets, but they can’t catch all the fish.

Some of them are going to flee their nets and swim straight into yours. Those fish—your potential customers—are more likely to stay in your nets long enough for you to haul them out of the water if you’ve got something to attract them.

Your long tail keywords are your bait. The fish are already looking for it—you’ve just got to throw it in the water.

Ready to catch some leads and maybe invest in some Miami SEO services? Here’s why you should be optimizing your site using long tail keywords.

Less Competition on Search Results

Let’s say you’re a customer looking to buy fishing gear (bear with me on the angling metaphor). When you search for “fishing pole” you get 123,000,000 results on Google. That’s too many for you to even have a chance at ranking. Type in “best fishing pole” and you get about 78,000,000. Better but still not good enough. Let’s try one more. When you search for “best fishing pole under 100 dollars” Google returns around 33,000,000.

Let’s tweak this last one and change the word “dollars” to the dollar sign ($). Would you look at that! Now we’re down to about 2,000,000 results. When your search terms have less competition you have a higher probability of ranking on the first page of a given term. As you can see, long tail keywords produce less competition on Google.

Targeted Traffic

The point of keywords is to put what people are looking for on your site. The great thing about long tail keywords is that they are very specific and will bring you the traffic you are looking to get. The phrases you choose should describe your product or service in detail so that people searching for your niche can find what they are looking for on your website. General keywords won’t do that.

Higher Conversion Rates

You can also tailor your long tail keywords to focus on purchase intent. People who know what they want and are ready to make a purchase use certain words and phrases—think buy, affordable, near me, and so on—to search for what they want online. Long tail keywords allow you to add these things to your search engine optimization strategy.

Better for PPC Campaigns

PPC (pay per click) advertising campaigns using long tail keywords do much better than general terms for your industry. Not only will you end up paying less per click for terms that have less competition, but also you can make sure that those clicks lead to higher conversion rates and make your investment worth it.

Need Miami SEO Services to Improve Your Rankings?

So, how do you go about taking advantage of long tail keywords for your business? Sure, you can optimize and manage your own website to do better on sites like Google, but really, who has time for that? You’ve got a business to run! Besides, you probably don’t know where to start.

Why not let the professionals do it?

When you’re ready to take your website to the next level, talk to us about our Miami SEO services. Click this link and enter your information to get your free digital audit.