Instantly Improve Your Business Copywriting with These 3 Simple Steps

 Copywriting. You see it in blue text every time you perform a Google search. You see it in promoted social media ads on your feed, on billboards as you drive down the highway, and in places you might not even suspect, like plastered on the front of your grocery cart.

Business copywriting is everywhere. According to Fundera, there are over 30 million small businesses in the United States and each one is trying to capture the attention of potential customers. 

One of the key components to any small business strategy is business copywriting. It is the way to your customer’s heart. It’s how you show your relatability and your answer to their nagging questions.

More importantly, it’s how you explain to a customer that they need something they didn’t even know they wanted.

If the idea of learning how to perfect the art of business copywriting sounds daunting, we have a team of experienced copywriters standing by, ready to help. But if you’d like to give it a shot and work towards improving your own abilities, here are 3 simple tips that can instantly improve your chances of success.


Find the pain points

This starts with your target persona. Who are they? What do they do? More importantly, what prevents them from completing their tasks? Do you have an easy solution to simplify their workday?

Their pain points are your selling points. This is the value you promise to provide to them and without effective business copywriting to communicate this message, your solution won’t reach them.

Utilize search engines, Quora, or other social media channels where your target persona lives. Find out what questions they’re asking. More importantly, find out what answers they’re seeking.


Use words that convert

If you take a moment to look at most headlines you see for blog articles, you’ll notice a few trends:

6 Tips to a Better…

The 4 Secrets to…

Improve Your Life with These 7 Everyday Hacks…

Notice any trends? Sure you do. There is a number in each headline and also some important words that will trigger a response: Tips. Secrets. Improve.

There’s a psychology to it, and it works.

Need further proof? Take a look at the title of this very article: Instantly Improve Your Copywriting with These 3 Simple Steps. We abide by the rules of writing great headlines—thus, great copy—because we know they convert.

Utilize impactful words and let the reader know there is a simple, quick answer within the body of the content and you’re sure to gain some clicks.


Speak directly to your audience

Who are you thinking of when you create business copywriting content? Are you writing from your own perspective as a business owner, or are you thinking like a potential customer?

Connecting with your audience is extremely important when it comes to the content.

Imagine you’re at a car dealership and the salesperson is trying to sell you a new car. “It’s great,” they say. “I have one myself and it has a lot of pickup. The thing’s quick. I was thinking about taking mine down to the track and racing it.”

But you’re a single parent who simply needs the reliability a new car offers so you can run the kids around to their activities at night. You don’t care about speed.

On the other hand, if that salesperson would have asked a few questions about you and your life beforehand, they would have known that you need the extra room and not the extra horsepower. (This relates back to Step 1: Find the pain points.)


The overall picture

By utilizing these three steps, your business copywriting will allow potential customers to know that you have the answer they seek. And isn’t that the reason you formed your business in the first place? To be the solution to a problem?