Video Marketing Musts

Video Marketing Musts

Video Marketing is often underrated and overlooked. But the video content you post is a crucial part of your brand’s strategy. Video is a powerful tool to use to tell your company’s story and to drive calls to action.

Did we mention that YouTube is the number-2-ranked search engine?

But you can’t just throw up any ole video and expect to have positive results. In order to successfully market via video and YouTube, your videos must be meaningful.

How can they be meaningful? Here are a few things to keep in mind when creating your video.


Have Some Emotion

It’s easy to get carried away with telling your story. You’ve put years and years into your business and it’s your entire life. But you can’t be a robot when you tell this story.

People engage when emotion is involved. Whether your story is a sad one or a funny one, include that bit of emotion.

And if your story has no emotion, create some. There had to be some sort of adversity before your success, right? Share that. It makes you seem real. Relatable. And people engage with relatable.


Simplify Your Message

Your message should be clear to anyone who comes across your video. Even if your business involves something as technical as building microprocessors or aerospace engineering. You want your message to be clear to anyone who sees it. Why? Because you don’t want to turn anyone away.

If your business is complicated and technical, try explaining everything using similes and metaphors. It helps to paint a picture for the general population. And if people who’ve never heard of your product are able to relate, they’ll come back for more.

Long story short, your message should be clear enough for anyone to understand.


Have a Clear Message

You need to have one clear message in your video. Don’t ramble or side-track. If you need, write a script beforehand and stick to it.

The reason you need to stick to one message is that you don’t want to confuse your viewer. You don’t want them thinking “Wait, are they selling this or that?” Because maybe they’re interested in purchasing this and not that, but they’re afraid that is all you’re pushing.


Call to Action

If you’ve ever watched a YouTube video, chances are you’ve seen this marketing tool in use. It’s usually at the end of the video and the person on the other end of your computer will tell you to “hit the subscribe button” or “add me on Facebook.”

This is an easy way to keep people coming back. It builds your platform (numbers-wise), but if these people are following you on your networks, then they’ll be notified of any updates and news.

Your video should include a clear message at the end of your video. Don’t sugar-coat it or make it vague in any way. You want this. You want the viewer to subscribe. Don’t be shy about it.


Video is such a viable source of marketing. For one, YouTube and other video networks on the internet are completely FREE! What better way to advertise than a free way to potentially reach millions or billions of people with a simple video.

If done right, video marketing can be a huge asset.