Small Business Spotlight: Dr. Michael Newman, DC

Dr. Newman has been practicing Chiropractic and Acupuncture in South Miami for the past 38 years.  An active member of the Miami community, Dr. Newman has served as President of Temple Beth Or, is past Vice-Chair of Miami-Dade County Schools District Citizens Advisory Committee, and a member of several chiropractic organizations including The Florida Chiropractic Association and the Dade County Chiropractic Society.  He is an active Rotary Club member who has been honored for his service.

But his pedigree only tells part of his story.  To walk into Dr. Newman’s practice is to enter a community of caregivers who not only care deeply for their patients as patients, but in many cases as friends who have known them and their families for years.  Like the family physician who is all too rare in this day and age of slick white clinics and rotating medical staff, it is not unusual to hear Dr. Newman tell stories of having treated a woman’s grandparents, helped turn her breech baby when she was expecting and is now treating her child.  While in the waiting room a friendly group gathers including a firefighter who praises Dr. Newman for keeping him out of back surgery after falling from a hovering helicopter to the tarmac.  Meanwhile as Dr. Newman passes between treatment rooms, he stops to greet patients by name, perhaps share a hug, and introduce them to one another so they will feel at home.

I am able to tell Dr. Newman’s story, not only from the perspective of him being our client, but as his patient.  I have been receiving chiropractic care from a number of physicians since I was about 16 years old, and now that I am in my fifties, as you can imagine I have seen quite a few both here in Miami as well as up in Canada.  Some have used traditional manipulation, some prefer to pop individual vertebrae back into place using a spring-like device, some put you on a number of machines first and some give you a little bit of a massage.  I actually worked for a chiropractor as a part-time job when I was in high school and spent those hours strapping people to machines and trying to stay ahead of the doctor who zoomed from room to room barely spending more than a minute or so with each patient for their adjustment.  No wonder this profession sometimes gets a bad rap.

But having dealt with some structural issues caused by what was apparently a challenging birth and having no intention of going under the knife, I sought out the care of Dr. Newman.  He came highly recommended and now I know why.  The personal connection he forges with his patients, plus his deep knowledge not only of the human frame but of the surrounding musculature are what makes him different.  Without x-rays (which I personally try to minimize), Dr. Newman was able to pinpoint the source of my misalignment and develop a treatment plan that provides me incredible relief, especially since being a runner is not the kindest thing I can do to my body!  My treatment begins with a lovely heated massage on a roller table to loosen me up, and then a set of adjustments to get me straightened out again.  I was beginning to develop an aching bunion from all those years of wearing heels, and since adjusting my feet (yes that’s a thing!) I feel no pain whatsoever.

In fact my experience has been so positive that I brought my daughter to see Dr. Newman as well.  She dances ballet 25 hours per week and being en pointe and holding those beautifully graceful looking positions is definitely not what Mother Nature intended!  Not only does he adjust her feet but she had been having some trouble with the amount of lift she was able to achieve with one of her legs.  Dr. Newman found that one of her ligaments in her hip was slightly out of place and was able to reposition it with one swift motion.  She immediately got off the table and could swing her leg up to where it needed to be!  Dr. Newman shared a story of working with a dance studio several years ago and similarly adjusting a young male dancer who was having difficulty with his pirouette on one side.  After one adjustment the difference was remarkable.

Now from such an established practice you may expect the practitioner to be a bit outdated, but this is clearly not the case with Dr. Newman’s practice.  In fact in addition to cold laser therapy for pain, healing and smoking cessation, Dr. Newman is the first chiropractor in the area to introduce the Tesla Max technology, an in-office or take home rental for treatment of peripheral neuropathy, ED and urinary incontinence.  As you enter his office you’ll also see a new physiotherapy area with equipment designed to support rehabilitation, including Workman’s Compensation injuries for which he is an approved provider.

Dr. Newman’s practice focuses on pain management through traditional chiropractic care, spinal bio-mechanics and neurophysiology, spinal decompression for discs, therapeutic massage, injury treatment from sports, auto or work, and physician-directed wellness programs.  Dr. Newman’s staff includes massage therapists, chiropractic assistants, a rehabilitation specialist and starting next month a nurse practitioner for times when prescriptions may be required.  Visit Dr. Newman’s website here.

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