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Small Business Marketing in Florida Now Requires This ONE Strategy

Getting the most from your small business marketing in Florida can feel like flailing at a piñata. This strategy could help you take the blindfold off for your next swing.

Walk anywhere in Miami and you will be bombarded with marketing. Every restaurant you pass, every Publix shopping cart ad, even every SOLD! sign you see on a lawn in more residential areas—marketing is everywhere.

While these forms of marketing can be valuable, there is one small business marketing strategy that can put you in front of hundreds (if not thousands) of people every day.

That strategy?

Digital marketing.

As the Founder and CEO of ZenChange Marketing, I have seen firsthand how a solid digital strategy can give a small business the boost it needs not only to survive but thrive in our competitive world.


Why should small businesses use digital marketing?

With effective digital marketing, your small business can:

  1. Figure out where your customers are, then pick and choose to get the most bang for your buck.
  2. Compete with the big guys on a more level playing field.
  3. Measure your ROI as you go.
  4. Make your business look more legitimate.
  5. Target local buyers.
  6. Grab a piece of the pie from Google.

Here’s a more in-depth look at each point.


1. Figure out where your customers are and what they like, then pick and choose.

Digital marketing offers businesses a wide range of platforms to choose from. Social media, email, online ads, SERPs, online reviews, video content, blogs—the possibilities are practically endless. When you first begin, all these choices can feel overwhelming.

But once you start to gain traction in one or two of your chosen platforms?

That’s when you know you’ve got something. With small business digital marketing in Florida, you can pick and choose until you have found your sweet spot. You don’t have to be on every single platform or use every form of marketing—you just have to use the ones that work.


2. Digital marketing levels the playing field.

Running a successful small business is harder than ever. With giant companies like Amazon, Walmart, and the biggest chains in your industry, your small operation doesn’t stand a chance, right? Investing in any type of marketing might feel like you are throwing money into a pit.


Many people are tired of supporting these overgrown behemoths. They are looking for an excuse to support a local business, but you have to put your name and what you offer in front of them if you want them to buy.

Let’s look at how social media can put your brand in front of people, for example.

With one post, ZenChange Marketing got 29 likes and 11 comments. And all we did was go out to eat at a local restaurant! It’s a win-win when you collaborate with other small businesses.


3. ROI is measurable.

Can you really tell the reach that your local TV commercial has? Sure, you look great on camera, but you need people to interact with your brand, not get an ego boost.

When your business engages in small business marketing in Florida, you should consider digital marketing for the measurability of your results alone. Measuring your ROI allows you to make sure that a given marketing channel is worth the investment before going all in.


4. A digital presence reassures potential buyers.

According to Sprout Social, 57% of consumers will follow a brand on social media to learn about new products or services. GlobalWebIndex puts the rate of social media browsers who use social media to research products at 54%.

Now imagine that someone is considering buying your product or service. Does your social media presence offer a reassuring picture? Or do your social profiles look like ghost towns?


5. Local has gone digital.

As a small business, local customers are your bread and butter. Whether you are a restaurant trying to get people in the door to try your food or a plumber who is trying to compete in the local market, you need your business to show up in Google’s local search results.

Local results often appear at the top of the first search engine results page, making them a coveted spot for any small business. Investing in a digital marketing strategy like local SEO can get you there.


6. Google. Period.

Speaking of Google, did you know that the search engine giant offers many different ways for small businesses to get found? You can pay for Google Ads, claim your Google My Business listing, or put a strategy in place to go after SERP features, like the featured snippet.

What’s a featured snippet and how do I get one? I could write an entire post about that. (And I have—you can read it here!)

To make a long story short, you can snag a featured snippet when you write helpful, well-structured content. Here you can see how it looks thanks to a featured snippet we got for a client. I have outlined it in red:

Google featured snippet as a digital marketing tool for small businesses

Featured snippets and other SERP features on Google really are a great way for small businesses to shoot to the top of a listing.


Small Business Marketing in Florida Just Got Better

To sum up this post, small business owners like you should start using digital marketing as a strategy because it helps you 1) choose (and pay for) only the channels where you see the most results, 2) compete with the big names in your industry, 3) measure your ROI, 4) give your business legitimacy online, 5) gain local customers, and 6) attract people on the largest search engine in existence.

Small business marketing in Florida requires testing and tweaking until you find the right formula. I like to say that marketing is part art and part science, and that’s true for digital marketing, too. Not quite ready to do your own digital marketing? We can help. Schedule an introductory call today!