SEO for Small Business: The Trick to Keyword Success

SEO. SERPs. Algorithms. Organic Traffic versus Paid Traffic. These are all important metrics of SEO for small business. 

But we know what you’re thinking when you hear these terms: Can someone please explain to me what in the world this all means? More importantly, why do I need it to run my business?

SEO for small business is essential in today’s digital environment. In a world where potential buyers have so many options at their fingertips, it is important to get the value of your business in front of their eyes. And if not done properly, your competition is just one click – or scroll – away.

A solid search engine optimization (SEO) strategy is key to landing at the top of search engine results pages (SERPs). Here are some tips to help your SEO for small business strategy.


Keep Up to Date on Industry Knowledge

Seems simple, right? If you’re knowledgeable enough to start your own business, chances are you have the passion to continue learning about new trends within your field. Keeping up with these changes will show those who do find your material online that you are an industry expert and on the cutting edge of new trends.

A report by ROBO (Research Online, Buy Offline) found that 82% of purchasers consult their phones before making a purchase. And where do they typically go? To Google, or Siri, or Alexa, and they ask a question that prompts a SERP.


Have A Solid Foundation 

Having a solid foundation is the key to any strategy and your SEO strategy is no different. Properly constructing the building blocks that will support your strategy is the perfect place to begin formulating.

Remember the industry knowledge we spoke of? Pull some of the major keywords from the newest trends and write them down. Are you a local plumber looking to share some tips? Use some words that you know people will be looking for: Leaking faucet.

Once you have some keywords written down, you’ll want to go a little deeper into each in order to come up with more targeted keywords, known as longtail keywords.


Find Perfect Keywords 

Longtail keywords are what will drive eyes to your site. Think about things your customers will be asking their smart devices. Are you the plumber we mentioned earlier who found a keyword of “leaky faucet”?

If your customers want answers to their problem, what will they be asking? Consider this when formulating longtail keywords:

  • How do I fix a leaking faucet?
  • Why is my faucet leaking?
  • What happens if I ignore a leaky faucet?

Having these longtail keywords will not only lead customers to your site and/or blog, but if you are able to provide solutions to their problems, you build some serious credibility.


Need Help?

Does it all seem so overwhelming? Too much to try to learn and incorporate while keeping up with your own workday? No need to worry. Just as you are an expert in your industry, we are experts in ours. SEO for small business is what we study, day in and day out, and we’re here to boost your business.

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