How to: Pinterest Marketing

How to: Pinterest Marketing

Pinterest marketing is something often overlooked. Pinterest can be used for more than DIY birthday gifts and nifty holiday desserts. If you’ve been using the site already for pinning ideas you think are interesting, you might be surprised to know that marketing with Pinterest doesn’t take much extra.

Like other social networks—Facebook, Twitter, Instagram—Pinterest gives you the ability to share things you like. And for a business, it allows for free exposure. Pinterest is all about networking, sharing things, and linking to content, which makes it ideal for driving new customers to your product or service.

If used properly, Pinterest is a great marketing tool. Here are three ways to use it to your best interest.


Pin the Images Within Your Blogs

We won’t go into how important blogs are for your business, but we can tell you how easy it is to pin the images you place within those blogs. By pinning an image that’s in your blog, you essentially pin your blog. This can drive readers who are interested in the image itself.

But it must be relevant. For example, if you’re writing a blog article about back pain, having an image of a cute puppy isn’t going to pan out too well. Yes, you’ll have people on Pinterest wanting to rub noses with their phone screens to get close to the puppy, but they won’t find your article relevant.

On the other hand, if you link a picture of a golfer grabbing his back after a swing to that same blog, others will find it relevant. The image may not win Cutest Image of the Year, but anyone who clicks on that image will find your post is exactly what they’re looking in to.


Optimize Your Images

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) keywords are what get you a higher ranking on search sites. And higher rankings on search engines can land you on the first page, which will lead a lot more traffic to your website.

With Pinterest, you can attach SEO keywords to the images you pin. This will help customers find you via search engines and Pinterest. So you can take one image and SEO optimize it, and in turn, expose your business to two websites at once.

Now we can refer back to the image of the golfer holding his or her back after their swing. We can use SEO keywords to almost make that image your own. What we mean by this is that you can pin the image and attach SEO keywords, and when someone searches something like “back pain with golf swing,” the image will appear and it will be linked to your site.


Be Yourself

The technical aspects of marketing with Pinterest are clear-cut. But what you can’t do with simple SEO words and images is to give a touch of personality. That has to be done by you, the business owner.

Personality sells. Don’t be afraid to be yourself. Open up. Think about some instances where you walked into a small business. Did you ever buy from the owner simply because they were nice to you?

If you demonstrate this sort of genuine personality via your Pinterest account, you can build new prospects via “re-pinning.” With Pinterest or with any other social network, think of each social media interaction as an investment in your overall Public Relations equity.