Should I “Like” My Own Facebook Posts?

Answer:  YES!!!!
The Facebook algorithm is designed to show the most relevant and interesting posts to followers.  The rationale is that there is so much content being posted, it would be overwhelming to show us everything.  True, this is quite a “big brother” philosophy, but alas something over which none of us has control.
So are some of the characteristics that Facebook determines make an interesting post:
  • Number of likes a post receives (and how quickly it receives them)
  • Multi-media content (video, images)
  • Number of comments a post receives (and how quickly)
Facebook also runs a test to see how quickly people react to your post, and the more people who react, the more likely it is to show that post in the streams of other users.
Your business page and personal page are completely separate, even though the business page resides under your personal Facebook account. Your followers on one do not see posts on the other, unless you like, comment or share a post.  For this reason, on key posts like announcements and events, we strongly recommend that as soon as the post is added to your business page, you share it to your personal page so that your friends a family (who are likely to support you), will also see it.