how to make social media videos

How To Make Social Media Videos For Your Business

Curious about how to make social media videos for your business?  Read on!  Social media videos have totally taken off lately, but what does it take to create a good one that will be well received by your audience? Take a look at this article and all the advice on how to avoid common mistakes.


How To Make Social Media Videos


Creating videos for social media is a great way to connect with your audience and let them know what you’re up to. However, your videos can be criticized or ignored by users if you’re not careful. Here are some tips on how to make social media videos for your small business:


  1. Make sure your video is a good fit for your platform. For example, if you’re using YouTube, ensure your video is recorded in landscape mode and has a well-designed, clickable thumbnail.  Answering a common question related to your business is a way to help your video to get found. If you’re using Instagram, make sure your video is short and sweet, and incorporates graphics, captions and visual appeal.  If you’re using TikTok, be extra expressive with your face and body language, work in graphics and titles to make it clear in a second what the video is about. Remember, keep it simple!


  1. Keep your tone positive and upbeat. Make sure your video has a positive message. This will help make your videos more popular and likable.


  1. Avoid controversial subjects or incidents. If someone sees a controversial video on social media, it can cause a negative backlash. So instead, focus on promoting positive messages and sharing content that everyone can enjoy.  That doesn’t mean you can’t tackle tough subjects, but if you’re talking about a difficult topic, find a way to make it constructive.


  1. Make sure your videos are well-edited and timed correctly. Good video editing is crucial because it allows us to seamlessly combine sounds and pictures to feel emotionally involved and feel present in the video we’re viewing.  There are many apps on the market to make this easy to DIY on your smartphone.


  1. Use good lighting. If there is one simple thing you can do to improve your videos, this is it–choose an appropriate lighting situation for your scene and make sure your lighting is directed toward faces, and avoids shadows! Good lighting will help your video look professional and help capture the scene’s emotion properly.


  1. Frame your shots well. A good rule of thumb is to frame your shot so the subject is in the center of the frame. This will give your viewer a sense of stability and flow when watching your video.


  1. Capture motion well. If you’re shooting a video clip of someone walking, for example, be sure to capture their movement well! If your video clip looks stilted or static, it will likely cause viewers to lose interest quickly.


  1. Get it in focus. Getting your video in focus means paying close attention to the camera’s autofocus setting and making sure that it happens to be set on “auto.” It is best if you are able to hand-wipe the camera lens manually, frequently checking after each shot.


9. Record good sound.  There are many sound filtering apps you can use on your phone, but consider using a wireless lapel mic.  They’re inexpensive and can help make sure your voice is picked up clearly.  Multiple speakers require multiple mics.  And as romantic as recording at the beach may seem, try to avoid loud background noises like crashing waves at your recording location.


Benefits Of Social Media Videos


There are several benefits to making social media videos that your followers will appreciate. 


The most significant benefit of using social media videos is that they can help promote awareness of your brand. Social media users will likely share your video if they like it, which will help you reach a wider audience. Additionally, social media videos can help you generate leads and conversions. For example, you may be able to convince someone to purchase by using a social media video as part of your sales process. This is an effective way to increase profits while also building customer loyalty.


Another benefit of using social media videos is that you can use them to market your product or service. For example, you could create a video about how your product or service works and then post it on social media platforms. This will help you attract new customers who are interested in what you have to offer.


Guidelines for Video Posting


Regarding social media videos, there are a few things you want to keep in mind if you want to give your post maximum exposure. Here are some tips:


  1. Stick to a Consistent Theme

Your video should have a central message and stay on that topic throughout. This will help give your video cohesion and make it more memorable. Themes can include holidays, popular topics of the moment, or answers to frequently asked questions.


  1. Have Fun!

If you’re not having fun making the video, chances are your viewers won’t have fun watching it. So be sure to enjoy yourself while filming and keep the mood light. This will show in the final product and make viewers more likely to share it.


  1. Avoid Micro-Managing Your Video

Don’t try to control every aspect of your video – let the viewer take control by providing clear instructions at the beginning of the video, but then leave them alone to get creative. If they stall or get lost, that’s okay – they’re learning too! Let them discover your video on their own terms and watch it come together in front of their eyes.


  1. Don’t forget video SEO!

Google owns YouTube, which is now the second largest search engine.  This is a great opportunity to help you get found.  While the details of video SEO go beyond this post, there are a few things you can consider, such as extensively researching your topic for what’s trending, using keywords in your title and description, incorporating captions, using hashtags, and checking channel analytics to determine the best time to post.




It can be really frustrating when you put a lot of work into making a social media video, only to have it go unnoticed. That is why it’s important to do your research on how to make social media videos before you turn on your camera to record.