How to Get More Customer Reviews in 2021

Before buying, your prospects want to feel secure and confident in their decisions. Your copy will help build rapport with readers, but they still want to know what real people think about your product or service. You can gain trust not only by showcasing testimonials on your website but also through customer reviews, especially through Google My Business or social media sites.

Most customers read about 10 reviews before they feel able to trust a business. And according to a consumer survey done in 2020 by BrightLocal, 94% of customers reported that positive reviews made them more likely to use a brand. 92% reported that negative reviews made them less likely to use a business. 79% reported that they trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations.

Pretty significant, right?

If your reviews page is sparse or empty altogether, here is how to encourage customer reviews and manage your feedback.

Remind Your Customers to Leave Reviews

One of the easiest steps you can take to get more reviews is to remind your customers to leave reviews. Per BrightLocal, 73% of local business customers were asked to write a review — and 72% went on to do so.

Include easy-to-find “Leave a Review” buttons on your website or send follow-up emails asking for feedback.

Make it Easy to Add Reviews

Your customer will not go through a complicated process to leave feedback. Your Call to Action buttons should lead directly to the Yelp, Amazon, or Google My Business page where you receive reviews. Consider generating a unique link that takes your customer straight to your review page.

Ask For Contact Info During Purchase

It is customary for eCommerce businesses to require an email address and phone number when a customer purchases a product online. If your brand does not already, take that opportunity to send a follow-up email a week after their purchase. If you are a service business, ask your customer for their email address or phone number during purchase. Remember to follow up and ask about their experience!

Respond to Every Review

Give a personalized, thoughtful response to every review, whether the rating is positive, negative, or neutral. Your answers can help build your brand reputation. Customers will see your business as a brand that cares about them.

Responses are a great opportunity to showcase how you handle customer concerns, too. Do not be discouraged by a negative review in a sea of positive ones. If your brand has only positive reviews, that may actually come off as suspicious! In the case that you do get a bad review, follow these guidelines:

  • Follow up as soon as possible
  • Write a meaningful apology where you admit and explain your error
  • Provide an immediate solution such as a refund, or direct them to customer support for help with their problem

Customer reviews can attract prospects, boost your search engine rankings, and increase confidence in your brand. They can make or break your success and provide feedback on where you can improve. Encourage this learning opportunity — you can keep a pulse on how people feel about your products and grow as a business.