4 Ways for Your Small Business to Flourish in 2021

COVID-19 has already shifted the digital marketing landscape, but as the calendar advances to 2021, every business needs to continue to adapt. More than ever, customers are looking for a strong digital presence, optimized mobile sites, and empathy from brands. If you are a small business looking to shift from growth to profit, here are four areas of marketing to focus on.

Marketing Strategy

Your business needs to offer virtual and mobile services. Remember that your reviews matter now more than ever, social media is still important for brand awareness, and mobile communication is chief. You can implement these elements into your business by:

  • Expanding payment options to include digital wallets like Apple Pay
  • Creating a mobile-friendly website
  • Adding an online scheduling system to your business’s website
  • Using a customer service chatbot on your sites

Social Media

While social media is an important part of any marketing plan, you need to be on the right platforms first. Of the 3.8 billion Internet users that are on social media, how do you reach the ones that need your products or services? Keep these stats in mind.

  • 90% of Instagram users follow a business
  • 77% of weekly Pinterest users discovered a new brand or product
  • 77% of Twitter users have a more positive perspective on a brand if their tweet has been answered
  • 93% of TikTok users are more likely to engage with a brand that can deliver a personal connection through creativity and innovation

SEO and Web Security

Optimizing your website for Google will allow potential customers to find you in search results quicker and easier. If you have not already, take these steps to get found online:

  • Optimize your mobile website
  • Create more longform content
  • Implement local SEO through features such as Google My Business

With 300,000 websites hacked every day, you want to ensure that your records and data are protected against cyber attacks. Defend your website and remember to:

  • Use complex passwords and update them regularly
  • Keep your content management system and website plugins up-to-date
  • Install firewall protections and SSL/TLS Certificates


Customers will come to expect certain features on your website in 2021. We have you covered with a couple of website and graphic design trends that you might want to implement.

Dark Mode

82.7% of mobile Apple and Chrome users prefer (and use) dark mode as their standard setting! This is a design feature that not only increases accessibility but gives your eyes a rest.


Instagram and Spotify started the gradient trend in 2016, and gradients have been in style ever since. As companies rebrand, we will begin to see more and more of this design element.

Muted Colors

While 2020 has been the year of big, bold, and bright, 2021 will bring soft and comfortable colors to the forefront.

Text-Heavy Videos

With the rise of videos on social media, the use of subtitles has increased as well. We are beginning to see more heavy text on top of audio — a trend that is sure to continue in the upcoming year!

The pandemic has brought long-lasting changes to the way we think about marketing as a whole. Companies and customers alike are looking for brands that can help them face issues with communication, collaboration, and isolation, which could present new growth opportunities for your brand. Embrace these changes and your business will be set to flourish.