22 Badass Women in Business You Need to Know in 2020

Want to celebrate the women in business in your community this year? Join us in commemoration of International Women’s Day on March 8.

Every year in March for well over a century, women and men around the world have celebrated International Women’s Day. The story begins in New York City in 1908 when 15,000 women marched and demonstrated for shorter hours, better pay, and the right to vote. (The 19th Amendment, which grants women the right to vote, wouldn’t be passed by Congress until 1919 and ratified by the states until 1920.)

Now International Women’s Day is a full-blown movement that spans nations and political divides.

In honor of the achievements of the women who have made today’s more equitable world possible, we wanted to highlight some of the women in local communities across the country who are true leaders in their own right.

In no particular order, here are 22 badass women in business that you need to know for 2020.

Alejandra Moreno

As an estate planning, guardianship, and probate attorney practicing in Miami, Alejandra Moreno has helped hundreds of people plan for the future for their families and their businesses. She co-founded the Miami law firm Casal & Moreno.



Whitney Thompson

Whitney Thompson was born and raised in Bay City, Texas, where she practices law at her firm, The Law Office of Whitney L. Thompson, PLLC. With a background in social work, she focuses on family law matters, specifically guardianship and estate planning for those with special needs.



Isabel Yague

With law experience in the U.S., France, and Spain, Isabel Yague helps international and local business owners navigate the complexities of the law. She is a co-founder of Viera Yague Law Firm in Miami.




Brandy Abreu

Former school teacher Brandy Abreu has a wide breadth of knowledge that she uses to help her clients. Practicing at AM Law, which she co-founded, in the areas of real estate law and family law, she can offer expertise from various perspectives.



Stephanie Granda

Stephanie Granda helps families navigate the various areas of family law, including divorce, paternity, child support, alimony, and mediation. Her law firm, The Law Offices of Granda & Associates, P.A. also handles real estate closings.



Michelle Fernandez

Clinical psychologist Michelle Fernandez, Ph.D., works to deliver empirically based interventions for children, adolescents, and young adults who are struggling with anxiety disorders, mood disorders, and behavior disorders, as well as those who are having trouble adjusting to major life changes.



Dr. Zenia P. Aguilera

Ophthalmologist Dr. Zenia P. Aguilera of Eye Hope Clinic has over 25 years of experience helping patients see better. She has performed surgeries as complex as removing cataracts from a newborn patient as well as correcting conditions such as “lazy eye.” Her work has helped countless kids who are bullying victims rediscover happiness and joy.




Monica Amador and Abbie B. Cuellar

Monica Amador and Abbie Cuellar are law partners at Amador & Cuellar, PL. Monica Amador practices in the areas of consumer law, debt defense, and complex commercial and real estate litigation. Abbie Cuellar practices in the areas of consumer law, debt defense, and criminal defense.



Jacqueline E. Cistaro

With experience as both a prosecutor and defense attorney, Jacqueline E. Cistaro knows the ins and outs of criminal law in New York. She demonstrates her toughness in and out of the courtroom every day, now focusing solely on criminal defense at her firm, The Law Offices of Jacqueline E. Cistaro.



Dr. Silvana Gonzalez Reilly

Dr. Silvana Gonzalez Reilly is a skilled Neurologist focused on helping her Doral area patients recover from pain, and treating them for complex conditions including Alzheimer’s and Epilepsy. As the founder of Doral Neurological Services, she understands the profound effect that quality healthcare can have on a patient.



Helena Farber

A practicing attorney in Aventura, Florida, Helena Farber focuses on divorce and related family law matters. Her law firm, Farber Law, P.A., is known for fighting for its clients’ best interests.


Marcia Hansen

Marcia Hansen has 15 years of experience defending clients in criminal court. Passionate about the law and every citizen’s right to a fair trial, Marcia was inspired to run for Miami-Dade Circuit Court Judge after trying cases in front of judges who did not take the time to read motions, or who rushed through the trial for personal reasons. She knows we deserve better!




Judi Smith

Judi Smith co-founded the International Clinic of Biological Regeneration with her late husband Dr. C. Tom Smith in 1981. For almost 40 years, she has provided her clients with anti-aging solutions that help them live more fulfilling lives.



Vivian Shou-Litman

As the founder of Longevity Acupuncture as well as its acupuncture physician, Vivian Shou-Litman spends her days bringing balance to her patients’ lives. Her practice focuses on women’s health and fertility.




Sonia Martinez and Ivette Suarez

Marco Drugs & Compounding co-owners Sonia Martinez and Ivette Suarez work together as women in business to provide patients with customized medication solutions. As the lead pharmacist, Sonia handles the behind the scenes work while Ivette handles the day-to-day operations.




Mariela Padro

When she co-founded Mind & Soul Therapy in Miami with her brother Rafael, Mariela Padro had a goal—to understand each of her patients as a unique individual with unique needs. The result is a therapy practice where Eastern and Western Medicine meet.



Carol Montgomery

Carol Montgomery is a dedicated physical therapist, the co-creator of Integral Human Gait Theory, and the founder of Montgomery Somatics, where she helps people find ease of movement.




Alexandra Ramon

As a partner at RRBH Law in Miami, Alexandra Ramon focuses on personal injury, premise liability, and insurance defense cases, offering her clients peace of mind during a stressful time in their lives.




McKenzie Gallagher

McKenzie Gallagher co-founded Rove Estate Winery with her husband Creighton in 2010 when they were offered a chance to purchase a part of his family farm near Traverse City, Michigan. Part of the work that needed to be done was to decide what to grow. They chose grapes, and the rest is history.


Bertha Gross

La Vela Specialty Coffee Co. offers customers not only gourmet coffee roasted in the old-fashioned European tradition but catering services as well. Thanks to Bertha Gross and her husband Salomon Moreno, who co-founded La Vela in 2010, customers in the Miami area get to experience their awesome roasts for themselves.

Celebrate the Women in Business in Your Community!

As women, we have achieved so much in the fight for equality. But we still have a long way to go. You can be part of the solution. Don’t know how? It can be as simple as becoming a customer or client of a woman-owned local business. Support local small businesses. Support women.

Happy International Women’s Day 2020!