We are proud of what we do and we see relationships VERY differently from most firms. We work at your desired pace in an empathetic manner and our approach is to take the stress out of your project.  We dig deep in our understanding before making recommendations and when we commit, we will move Heaven and Earth to deliver.  We schedule our client projects such that when we work with you we can be completely focused on your needs.

In the enlightened words of Yoda: “Do or do not, there is no try!”

You folk just DO a great job! Like he said, there is no try.

Dr. Michael Newman, DC, Dr. Michael Newman, DC, PA
Diane is an integral part of my team and in some respect is like my CMO – Chief Marketing Officer. Diane and her team truly get the business side of my business and knows intuitively how to market and position nQuery to end users. If you’re not doing social media with ZenChange, you’re just not doing it.
Emilio Diaz, Founder, nQuery Telecom
Zenchange was able to identify and consolidate my brand in a matter of weeks by guiding me through a set of exercises that provoked thought and clarity of my messaging. Once the concept of my company was encapsulated, Diane and her team created a great social market presence by building a innovative and fresh website for my company.
Randy Freeman, Capture Advisory Services
Diane and her team are phenomenal. Their professionalism, level of expertise and marketing ideas are remarkable. I have had the opportunity to work with Diane on my marketing plan and she is extremely personable and a woman that can see beyond the BIG PICTURE. Zen Change is an excellent choice. I highly recommend this management consulting company.
Mery Dominguez, Parenteen Moments
Diane is the best of the best. It would be an honor to work with her again.
Rick Wilcox, General Manager
I’m thrilled with the positive results I’ve gained. Highly knowledgeable in a wide variety of market strategies, Diane has truly made a difference in my business’ growth and visibility. She walks her talk and is a go-getter! Loaded with new ideas and up to date on the latest Internet marketing techniques and forums, Diane is also intuitive, kind, caring and supportive. She has helped me gain valuable unique perspectives on my skills, expertise and passion within the context of marketability, reach and quality of service. Diane is very much in tune with my vision, holistic principles and high business standards. I love working with her.
Alicia Sirkin, BFRP, Personal Achievement Coach
“I like the functionality and the look of the new site. I enjoy working with your team. They are really competent and professional. I trust Zenchange! I think the new site is going to make a big difference. I’m happy with your work.”
Vivian Shou-Litman, AP, Longevity Acupuncture
Diane has utilized her keen ability to assess my goals and objectives, and helped me to create operative practices and provide structures for me to reach my goals. So what originally seemed overwhelming and insurmountable became attainable and within my reach. Diane is sharp, intuitive and very much a pleasure to work with I highly recommend working with Diane.
Dr. Susan Solman, Dr. Susan Solman
Diane has been working with me to streamline my patient management and has done a great job. She is a whiz at understanding what you do, seeing the bottlenecks and helping to create a better way to do it. She is also very resourceful when it comes to things like company image, branding and web/social media presence. I highly recommend working with her.
Dr. Michael Forman DOM, Doctor of Oriental Medicine
Diane has fixed our internal policies/procedures and software to allow us to grow and maintain the quality that our clients love. She really is a miracle worker and understands accounting firms.
Brian George, CFM, RIA, Doctor of Oriental Medicine
I’ve been a health practitioner for almost 10 years. I enjoy helping people, but that’s only half of what I do. I also must run a business. I consulted with Diane on how to improve this half of my business and she really met me where I was and was able to help me become comfortable addressing areas that I could stand to improve in, including marketing and patient policies. She listened to my frustrations with the business end and helped me rework the business so I was able to begin enjoying my practice more. She understands not only what needs to be done to improve the business, but she also understands each person has their own journey to implement those changes.
Andrew Heimann, AP, L.ac, M.S.T.O.M., Acupuncturist
Diane came to me as a referral and it was just at the right moment. I was moving to a new location, I had not started networking, I had so many things going that I did not know which to address first. Diane provided focus, insight and direction for me. She gave a lot of herself to learn about the nuances of my business making the results of our work together impactful and most importantly relevant. She also took a personal interest in my success by recommending networking opportunities. I know that I can count on her for her business savvy and for her commitment to excellence. Diane is a joy to work with, her spirit is always up and she gives more than 100%.
Susan Gerrish, MA, RYT, EPCC, Owner, Mind Body Weight
Brand Chocolate prompted me to think of things about myself and my practice I had not thought of which are quite significant to my success.
Iris Pitaluga, Psychologist
I can’t tell you how many times I have gone back to the Buyer Personality Profiles you created when making decisions about my business. They are really helpful!
Cindy Rodriguez, Health Coach
Thank you, Diane, for all the work and thought you and your team put into developing our new website for PATH. It is easy to navigate and encompasses all that we had before and all that we spoke about.
Peggy Herring, Board Member
The Brand Chocolate workshop is priceless to those that really have a passion to accelerate your sales!
Robert Prieto, Founder, Telecom Company
Great service reasonably priced!
Tom Rhymestine, Co-Founder, L&R Air Conditioning
I am so impressed and happy with the site! Every page amazed me. Thank you SO very much!
Debra Geymayr, Doula, Educator & Birth Center Director
Diane’s involvement in our end user services environment has arguably been the highlight of this sourcing engagement. Her sense of ownership, pragmatism, urgency and thoroughness are equal to those evidenced by my own senior team. Diane’s performance in support of my customers is an unequivocal differentiator of the firm and it’s people.
Sean Mee, Executive Director
In every instance of working with Diane she has brought keen insight to the market and the very best in quality of work and client deliverables. She has proven to build trusted advisor relationships.
Dick Fredrickson, Managing Partner
Diane’s ability, focus and tenacity got both of our organizations to done. Her ability to function at different levels of the organization, allowed us to achieve commitment to participation and ownership of the operational framework. She is aware of the complexities around consulting engagements where consensus and ownership of the process become the deliverable. She teaches people to be self-sufficient.
Paula Salerno, Senior Principal
Throughout the project initiatives Diane has demonstrated exceptional professional integrity, accountability and commitment to her work.
E. Farant, Manager