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Diane Moura, BCom, MBA

Consultant, facilitator, educator, author and coach

Diane Moura delivers workshops primarily to startups or entrepreneurs at a point in their cycle where they are looking for the next phase of growth. Workshops may be combined or tailored to the program at hand. They may be delivered as a 1 hour introduction, a 2 hour workshop including context, best practices, tools and at least one practical exercise. They may also be delivered in half or full day formats with more in depth content, exercises and practical tools.

Diane has facilitated over 200 strategy and training workshops globally for Fortune 500 companies including Capital One, Lloyds TSB, Pacific Bell, and Verizon, as well as small firms from 1-20 employees. She has a keen ability to provide structures to help clients achieve their goals. Her workshops are the culmination of 30+ years of educational and professional experience in marketing, client relationship management (CRM), strategy, and client service process optimization using technology.

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Diane was recently invited to speak at Miami City Hall to a group of small business owners. Listen in for an overview of marketing psychology and small business marketing tactics.

BRAND CHOCOLATE – How To Be Irresistible

Why Attend

  • Do prospects crave your brand like a sweet piece of chocolate?
  • Do you explain your brand in a way that makes them salivate?
  • Do you know your “sweet spot?”
  • Do you have “brand chocolate?”

This workshop challenges small business leaders to create their marketing plan for success using a fun and entertaining analogy of a chocolate shop in order to simplify key marketing principles in a memorable and delicious way.

What We’ll Cover

  • How to define your Market Sweet Spot
  • Creating a “Cravable” Brand Message
  • Communicating your sweetness, online & off
  • Specific projects & action items to choose from to build your marketing plan

LEADERSHIP – Engage, Inspire, Transform

Why Attend
Leadership is by far one of the key factors that can drive a small business to success or failure. Without a clear vision and strategy, role modeling and suitable employee – employer relationships, which are by far the most important roles of any leader, the fate of any business organization would be doomed.

New leaders will learn the dynamics of successful leadership and how to steer their startup dream towards success with a strong vision and motivated team.

What We’ll Cover

  • Who is a Leader? – Difference between Management and Leadership
  • Leadership Skills – Persuasion, Motivation, Conflict Resolution and Coaching
  • Leadership Styles – Authoritative, Democratic, Pace Setting, Benevolent, Autocratic, Coaching
  • Startup Leadership – How to build effective and engaged teams
  • Shift towards Lean Startup – Understand, experience and learn how to use key tools for “Lean Startup” Leadership
  • Validated Learning – Experience the leadership cycle via case studies and exercises (Build-Measure-Learn)


Why Attend
The right team can take your small business from zero to success or failure in no time. But creating a founding team is no simple matter. There are the issues of cultural fit (and what is your culture anyway?), key roles, whether to contract or hire, expectation setting, motivation, measurement and compensation. And then how can you use your team to create scale? As the old saying goes, you need to work ON your business and not IN your business to be successful, and while this isn’t always feasible at the beginning, building the right team is arguably the most important responsibility you will have as a leader.

In this workshop current and aspiring small business owners will learn the key success factors in building a winning team that will maximize their startup success.

What We’ll Cover

  • Key founding team skills
  • To hire or not to hire?  Comparing models using employees, contractors and interns.
  • Recruiting, hiring and firing
    Motivation, measurement and rewards for startups
  • Defining your culture so you’ll know if someone fits
  • Building your advisory board



Why Attend

  • How do you make your personal brand stand out in a sea of competition?
  • Is your website simply your online business card or does it bring you leads?
  • Are you using social media to your best advantage?
  • Is your visual impact recognizable and memorable?

This lunch and learn challenges your business to revisit how to stand out from competitors both online and in print. Packed with innovative ideas, best practices and case studies, this fast paced hour will provide you with a set of actions to address to improve qualified lead generation and client service.

What We’ll Cover

  • How to define your Market Sweet Spot
  • SEO Secrets For Your Website
  • Online advertising strategy
  • Must Do Actions For Social Media
  • Creating Automated Marketing and Client Service Drip Campaigns

STORYTELLING – The Heart Of Your Brand

Why Attend
Your brand story is comprised of all that you are and all that you do as a company. It is your “why” and includes your company’s history, mission, inspiration, goals and target audience. It is what inspires employees to join your company and makes customers feel good about doing business with you. It describes your passion, culture and how you make the world a better place.
Small business leaders will learn how to craft their brand story through case studies and exercises.

What We’ll Cover

  • Why storytelling matters – case studies from successful brands large and small
  • The components of storytelling and how to build your own brand story
  • Starting with “Why”
  • Refining your story – considerations
  • How to use your story, internally and externally

MARKETING AUTOMATION – Increase Your Revenue While Saving An Hour A Day

Why Attend
Small business owners will learn specific strategies to increase their revenues by automating marketing campaigns and creating processes for efficient, consistent contact with prospects and clients.

What We’ll Cover

  • How do we know that marketing automation works?
  • How can you give each prospect individual attention when you only have so many hours in a day?
  • What strategies can small businesses use to more efficiently nurture prospects into becoming clients?
  • How can you tell which of your marketing strategies are working?
  • How can you apply these strategies to YOUR business?

SELLING YOURSELF AS THE SERVICE – How do you sell when YOU are the product?

Why Attend

This program was developed in response to a common need by many of our services clients on how to sell themselves.  Through our other projects we can help you to find your market sweet spot, give you good words to use on your website and even write you a compelling elevator pitch, but at some point, you the service provider will come face to face with a potential client and need to “sell” them on what you do.  Perhaps you are delivering a promotional workshop (we can help with that), perhaps you are in a networking setting or perhaps you are speaking with a current client who you would like to encourage to refer other clients.  In all of these cases you need to sell yourself as the service.  As nice as it might be to just spend your entire day delivering your valuable services to clients, you understand the reality of also needing to spend time selling what you do.  And this program provides the tools to do so in a way that is highly complementary with our other projects.

This program is based upon the latest research in neuroscience (how the brain works), combined with the personal experience of our Executive Partner Diane Moura selling everything from office supplies to complex $100 million services engagements. Diane spent 26 years working with Fortune 500 companies around the globe prior to launching ZenChange in 2012 and her sales and marketing skills were trained and honed with the best of the best. Being highly process oriented by nature, Diane narrowed down the key skills a services professional must know in order to convert conversations to clients.

What We’ll Cover:
If you’re reading this, then as a service provider you’re not only great at what you do but you’re passionate about it. This program begins with the assumption that you have something great to sell. But we can almost guarantee you’re going about it all wrong. How do we know? Because our brains are wired that way. We believe that as intelligent beings if we present the features and benefits of our services to another intelligent being, then he or she will effectively process the facts, recognize the value and buy in. That simply isn’t true, and this program will show you how to approach sales interactions differently.

You will receive personalized feedback on your pitch and strategy from Diane whether you choose the workshop or online format. This will allow you to adjust your selling methods to convert more conversations into clients.

ALIGN YOUR BUSINESS WITH YOUR VALUES – Creating a purposeful enterprise

Why Attend
This workshop is for individuals who own a business or who aspire to own a business that is aligned with their values and purpose. Finding the balance between upholding your values and making money can be a challenge, but there are key principles that will allow you to create, or recreate, an enterprise that will make you, your employees and clients feel good about doing business together.

What We’ll Cover

  • Company vision, mission & values – why they’re personal
  • Listening to your inner voice
  • Money as an energy exchange
  • Building a culture of purpose

Full-Day Workshop – Marketing and Prospecting for Solo and Boutique Firm Attorneys:

9am – 12pm Branding and Marketing

  • How do you make your personal brand stand out in a sea of competition?
  • Is your website simply your online business card or does it bring you leads?
  • Are you using social media to your best advantage?
  • Is your visual impact recognizable and memorable?

This morning session will help you identify your Market Sweet Spot, reveal SEO secrets, create a Social Media action plan and explain automated marketing and client service Drip Campaigns.

12pm – 1pm Lunch (included)
1pm – 4pm Prospecting
The afternoon session describes the prospecting behaviors of Rainmaker Attorneys and is designed for those seeking exceptional practice growth in 2017:

  • Use LinkedIn to maximize client base
  • How to Network like a Pro
  • Build value from your network
  • Selling from the stage
  • Build your prospecting cookbook

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Marketing and Prospecting for Solo and Boutique Firm Attorneys
Sandler Training Center, Miami

Brand Chocolate: Your DIY Marketing Plan
Brickell Key, Miami

Brand Chocolate Marketing Plan Workshop
Brickell Key, Miami

Leadership Workshop – Engage, Inspire and Transform
Florida International University Business Incubator, Miami

Team Building For Startups – Setting The Stage
Florida International University Business Incubator, Miami