How do you sell when YOU are the product?


Are you falling into the “Expert Trap”? Would you know if you were? When you speak to someone about your practice are they anxious to become a patient or client?

This program is for you if:

You are passionate about the service you deliver.
You have clients or patients who love your service once they try it.
You are falling short of your goal of converting conversations to clients.

What comes to mind when you think about a salesperson?
Is it the guy trying to sell a lemon of a used car? The geeky kid at the Apple Store who can tell you everything you could possibly want to know (and more) about the latest device? Perhaps your long lost high school friend who suddenly wants to reconnect after joining an insurance company? Well guess what? When you deliver an expert service, the salesperson is YOU!

This program was developed in response to a common need by many of our services clients on how to sell themselves. Through our other projects we can help you to find your market sweet spot, give you good words to use on your website and even write you a compelling elevator pitch, but at some point, you the service provider will come face to face with a potential client and need to “sell” them on what you do. Perhaps you are delivering a promotional workshop (we can help with that), perhaps you are in a networking setting or perhaps you are speaking with a current client who you would like to encourage to refer other clients. In all of these cases you need to sell yourself as the service. As nice as it might be to just spend your entire day delivering your valuable services to clients, you understand the reality of also needing to spend time selling what you do. And this program provides the tools to do so in a way that is highly complementary with our other projects.

“I am now much more comfortable positioning my services and explaining to people what I do. Thank you.”
“Thanks for teaching me a skillset no one has.”
“Diane is intuitive, kind, caring and supportive. She has helped me gain valuable unique perspectives on my skills, expertise and passion within the context of marketability, reach and quality of service.”

Are You An Expert?

Learn how to avoid the Expert Trap so common in services practices and convert more conversations to clients.


This program is based upon the latest research in neuroscience (how the brain works), combined with the personal experience of our Executive Partner Diane Moura selling everything from office supplies to complex $100 million services engagements. Diane spent 26 years working with Fortune 500 companies around the globe prior to launching ZenChange in 2012 and her sales and marketing skills were trained and honed with the best of the best. Being highly process oriented by nature, Diane narrowed down the key skills a services professional must know in order to convert conversations to clients.

Each week you will receive thought provoking content on the brain secrets of selling. We’ll provide supporting media and videos to help clarify. Plus we’ll include exercises to apply what you have learned to your own business AND personalized feedback.

Materials may be reviewed at your own pace during the week and assignments completed after hours if you need to. This is a distance learning program that is completely online and the pacing is up to you.

Is This Program For You?

If you’re reading this, then as a service provider you’re not only great at what you do but you’re passionate about it. This program begins with the assumption that you have something great to sell. But we can almost guarantee you’re going about it all wrong. How do we know? Because our brains are wired that way. We believe that as intelligent beings if we present the features and benefits of our services to another intelligent being, then he or she will effectively process the facts, recognize the value and buy in. That simply isn’t true, and this program will show you how to approach sales interactions differently.

You will receive personalized feedback on your sales message and strategy from Diane as you embark upon this program. This will allow you to adjust your selling methods as you move through the 8 weeks. At the end of the 8 weeks you will submit a brief video “pitch” that sums up everything you have learned and receive a personalized assessment. When final, this tool will be helpful to you in promotional workshops, social media or on your website.

Each week you will receive training content in your inbox designed to challenge your thinking as well as an exercise for you to apply this new perspective to your own practice.

Week 1:  Why traditional methods of selling don’t work.

Week 2:  Be the Alpha (how and why).

Week 3:  How to tell stories that will support the sale.

Week 4:  Using visual aids…or not.

Week 5:  The expert trap.

Week 6:  The funnel and client personalities.

Week 7:  Selling socially…online and off.

Week 8:  It’s show time!

8 Week Program

$ 49 one time
8 Weeks Of Sales Lessons
Weekly Exercises
Personalized Feedback