nQuery Telecom helps small and medium sized business owners to find the right telecom solutions, from internet services to the handsets on their desk. What makes them different is that in a high churn industry, they have been advising clients on the best telecom solutions for their business for over 20 years.  They have seen it all and whatever problem they need to solve, they can either help directly or I know someone who can. They represent over 50 carriers and the best part is their advisory services are free.

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nQuery Telecom has a large group of followers but it was difficult to find the time to communicate with them regularly via emails, blogs and social media.  They were also using an email template that did not reflect the high quality of their brand.


Social media channel management including post writing and custom image graphic design, blog writing, creation of a customized email template, consulting on the brand message and monthly campaign management.  Ad hoc updates to a Squarespace website.


Greater social media interaction from followers and top of mind communication that leads to service opportunities.  More time to focus on clients.

From The Client

“Diane is awesome and I consider her now a part of my business for marketing and business advice. If you’re not doing social media with ZenChange, you’re just not doing it.”
Emilio Diaz