Mind Body Weight eating psychology counseling services needed to establish its go-to-market message and promotional strategy to build a base of clients.

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Mind Body Weight is a new business offering eating psychology counseling services to help clients achieve and maintain their ideal weight through both individual and group sessions, including training and workshops. Mind Body Weight was looking to build a base of clients on a solid foundation that included a comprehensive marketing strategy and plan.


A marketing plan with a focused, comprehensive marketing strategy, cleaner message and greater market insight which allowed for a clear sense of direction for this startup.


A light, professional, high end image that combined the best aspects of an existing template plus the customization the client wanted and a strategy that would allow the brand to grow via a complementary brick-and-mortar presence.

From The Client

“Diane came to me as a referral and it was just at the right moment. I was moving to a new location, I had not started networking, I had so many things going that I did not know which to address first. Diane provided focus, insight and direction for me. She gave a lot of herself to learn about the nuances of my business making the results of our work together impactful and most importantly relevant. She also took a personal interest in my success by recommending networking opportunities. I know that I can count on her for her business savvy and for her commitment to excellence. Diane is a joy to work with, her spirit is always up and she gives more than 100%.”
Susan Gerrish