Simplify Your Small Business

Make it easy for your team to take care of your clients and consistently deliver “wow” service.

When running your own business or department it is so easy to become distracted in many different directions and lose focus.

Most businesses begin with a great idea & follow demand but over time evolve into a spaghetti works of manual processes and technology tools for sales & delivery that don’t communicate.  The results?

  • Inability to scale

  • Admin time takes away from customer time

  • Missed market opportunities lower profits


Business Process Efficiency

Small business owners cite increasing profitability as one of their top challenges.  Business efficiency consulting addresses the cost component of the profit formula.


Like an octopus with too many tentacles

Small business owners find it difficult to keep up with all of the areas into which they have extended themselves.

Business Owner Octopus

What We Do

  • We’ll help you get back to basics with a clear, easy to explain business model will help you to refocus your efforts, reduce your workload and see stronger business results.

  • We’ll sit with you and your team to understand and “map” what each person or role does today.  We’ll look at what they do manually, which technology and other tools they use, and which aspects of best practices for marketing and delivery are simply not getting done due to time or other constraints.  We’ll identify specific areas to streamline, how to accomplish that and which categories of technology could make your business more efficient.

  • As the old saying goes, “you get what you measure” and establishing how you will measure the success of your business (hint:  it is more than just profit), is a huge driver to remaining focused and not being distracted into activities that will absorb your time like a sponge without necessarily moving you forward to achieving your goals.  We will work with you to create a business measurement framework as well as a weekly status report to track key metrics.  Even if the only person who sees this is you, it is good discipline to plan your week and at the end of each week reflect on what was, and was not, accomplished against your quarterly plan, any obstacles that need clearing, and your action plan for next week.  Do this at the end of each week so you can hit the ground running when the next week begins.

Marketing Word Collage

Let us take a look at your processes, tools and technology and recommend ways to update, streamline and make your small business more efficient.