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Typically yes.  Free workshops and events provide a way for potential clients to connect with the real “you” and what makes you different.  They position you as the expert you are in your field so that even if a particular audience member doesn’t sign up for your services, they will be more likely to think of you when a friend could be helped by what you do.  Each business is different but if you knew that you would gain at least 1 client from a speaking event and receive at least 1 referral, would it be worth it?  In most cases, for the hour you spent at the event and your preparation time (which will be reusable), your answer will likely be yes.

While large audiences clearly provide you with exposure to more potential clients, a smaller audience can create opportunities for more direct connection with participants.  By being able to have more interaction and respond to all of their questions, audience members may feel  a stronger connection with you and thus be more likely to convert to clients.

Yes, there is a proven methodology for structuring sections of content in your workshop, how to best use a helper, how to leave people wanting more (so they will come and see you) and how to convert leads from your workshops into paying clients and patients.  Learn more.  Also check here for help on selling YOURSELF as the service.

Clearly the specific topic will depend upon what you do, but when planning your topic think about the most common, hottest issues you work on for your clients or patients.  In the case of healthcare, anti-aging, physical performance and stress management are common.  For attorneys, ironically it may be top tips on avoiding a lawsuit, which is a back handed way of positioning your domain expertise with a group who probably has an issue but has not yet engaged another attorney.  For CPAs it may be how to minimize what you pay to the IRS.  For Realtors it may be how to make money in the South Florida housing market.  Whatever topic you choose should be catchy and capitalize on the “wow I didn’t know that!” factor to make it  relevant, memorable and shareable.

Choose Your Package, And Customize With Optional Add Ons

Single Event

$89per event
  • Ideal to get the word out online for your single event.
  • We will first create a banner image that represents your event and includes your title and logo to make it easy to share.  We will add the event to your website, create an event on Facebook and post to your Twitter and Google+ pages as well as to popular event listing sites Eventbrite, Eventful and the Community Section of the Miami Herald.  We will also create a Meetup group for you if you don’t already have one and post your event there. 
  • EXTRAS (HOURLY):  Would you like us to post on additional event sites?  There are several we can suggest and we’ll take these on for you.
  • Do you have a lot of regular events on your website that you would like on your Facebook page?  It might be worthwhile having us set up an integration so this happens automatically.

Find You A Speaking Event

$99per event
  • Offering free talks is a great way to spread the word about what you do.  We’ll reach out to the community to find groups who want to hear your message and you only pay us when we do.  Our fee is on a per booked event basis, regardless of size.  Groups may range from 5 to 50+ people but we have found that even with smaller audiences, that personal connection often leads to new clients and is well worth the effort.  Need help with the secret sauce to converting workshop attendees to paying clients?  Check out our Customized Workshop Planning Project.
  • EXTRAS (HOURLY):  For this to work effectively, we’ll either need a one page pdf speaker profile or a media page on your website that includes your hot topics, areas of expertise and background.  Don’t have one?  No worries we can create this for you.
  • KEYNOTE PREPARATION (HOURLY):  Need help with expressing your message in a way that is interesting and compelling? As an extra we’ll work with you on your presentation materials and message.

Customized event based newsletter with reminder series

$89per email series
  • Your own mailing list is one of your most powerful assets.  Even if you are targeting a new audience, letting your email subscribers know about your upcoming events gives them the opportunity to spread the word, plus it reinforces your credibility as an expert and further assures them that if they are already a client or patient, they have made the right choice.  Using your email tool of choice (e.g. Mailchimp, iContact, Constant Contact, Infusionsoft) we will create an appealing template that matches the look and feel of your brand.  We will add the content promoting your event, including profiling you as the expert speaker and including testimonials from prior events or clients in general.  We will send the event notification to your mailing list and include 2 follow up reminder emails.
  • EXTRA:  Need a registration form on your website to allow easy event sign up?  We’ll add one for you.  It’s typically pretty quick to do.

Using Workshops As A Sales Tool

If you are a service provider whose “product” is your expertise (health practitioners and consultants are examples) and you’re not already using workshops as a key means of obtaining new clients, then perhaps it is time to start.  Many service providers are finding workshops to be their most effective sales tool.  Workshops are a way to demonstrate your expertise in a setting that adds value for the potential client and allows them to connect with you and get a flavor for what it would be like to work with you.  Unfortunately sales opportunities are often missed in these settings simply due to the structure and process being followed.  In the past if you have delivered a great presentation during your workshops and waited for attendees to make appointments with you then you may have been disappointed.  We’ll show you how to effectively plan, promote, deliver and follow up on workshops in such a way as to increase your rate of increasing attendees and converting potential clients to paying clients.

Workshops As A Sales Tool Kit

$300one time
  • Do-it-yourself marketing kit
  • Promotional Tips
  • Workshop Format & Preparation Guide
  • Tips on getting leads from the workshop
  • Following up and converting leads to clients

Looking to increase event sign-up from your own base of contacts?  Ask us about creating an email drip campaign.