In our opinion Infusionsoft CRM is the best tool available for marketing automation from lead generation and nurturing to creating a wow experience.  Creating workflow is highly visual and uses recognizable icons.  If you want to edit the content of an email in your workflow simply double click on the icon to open and edit.  While in the past Infusionsoft had a reputation of being complex to implement due to its deep functionality, today the company uses a Quick Start program to pair you with an Infusionsoft software consultant and your marketing consultant (us) who will not only train you but take you all the way through implementation.  Monthly license fees are $199 for 3 users.  To give you some ideas of what you can do with Infusionsoft, see the list below:

  • Appointment reminder emails and texts
  • Automatically deliver a white paper or ebook as an incentive for someone to sign up for your list.

  • Encourage contacts to register for an event and follow up to remind them until they register, then solicit feedback following the event.

  • Create a client satisfaction survey that requests a referral and testimonial if a client had a good experience and opens a task for you to contact them if they didn’t.

  • Deliver your monthly newsletter
  • Send very personalized emails to individual contacts with a specific interest.  For example you may want to send a “thought you might find this interesting” note including a link to an article on fishing to your clients who have that particular interest tagged on their profile.

  • Take a picture of a business card at an event and your prospect receives an email expressing how nice it was to meet them and potentially including an offer of a meeting, consultation or further information as they are walking out the door!


Campaigns are easily customized and only  limited by your imagination.  We’re big fans of this tool and after migrating from our prior CRM to Infusionsoft we were able to reduce a full administrative staff headcount!  Please check with us before you register for a demo as we pass along our partner discount if you go through us.


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