Free Digital Marketing Dashboard

Ever Wonder If You’re Doing It Right?

(Hint: If your online presence isn’t generating leads, then the answer is no.)

Are you tired of guessing at which marketing strategies will drive the most growth?

Have you tried a number of different tactics and either haven’t had success or aren’t sure which ones have worked because you can’t measure where your results are coming from?

What if you had a simple browser link that could take you to a web page with an overview of how your website, social media and any pay-per-click campaigns you’re running are performing?

What if it wouldn’t cost you a dime?  And what if in addition to some pretty charts and graphs, real expert marketing consultants (yes, humans) provide you with FREE advice for 60 days on how to grow your business?

You’re thinking there must be a catch.  And here it is.  We’d love for you to become our client.  But we know we need to earn your trust.  And we’re willing to take a chance that if you see the monthly data and recommendations we provide, you’ll want to have a conversation with us about how we can help.

If at the end of the 60 days you don’t feel as though moving forward with us is the right thing for your business we’ll be disappointed, but we’ll respect your decision.  You see, we’re consultants and not pushy sales people and we’re all about long term relationships.  So if it doesn’t work out, you will still have received 2 months of free consulting and will hopefully remember us in the future if you find a business who could use our help.

In order to create your dashboard, we do need to ask for your logins so we can see your performance data.  You’ll enter this via a secure form that will be further encrypted via LastPass so our team setting up your dashboard will not see your passwords.

It will take a few minutes to complete the form but having a real time view of how well your business is performing will be worth it!

Prefer To Have A Live Digital Audit Of Your Business?

What Our Clients Are Saying About Us

We are proud of the work we do and see relationships VERY differently from most firms. We work at your desired pace in an empathetic manner and our approach is to take the stress out of your project. We dig deep in our understanding before making recommendations and when we commit, we’ll move Heaven and Earth to deliver.

Once you are ready to take your business to the next level ZenChange should be your first call! They have all the latest and greatest when it comes to online marketing and customer retention/networking. The posts are very professionally done. They truly know their market well and will become a key component in your marketing strategies!

Meghan Goicouria, Granny Nannies

I’m thrilled with the positive results I’ve gained. Highly knowledgeable in a wide variety of market strategies, ZenChange has truly made a difference in my business’ growth and visibility. Loaded with new ideas and up to date on the latest Internet marketing techniques and forums. ZenChange has helped me gain valuable unique perspectives on my skills, expertise and passion within the context of marketability, reach and quality of service.

Alicia Sirkin, Sirkin Creative Living

This offer may be the single best decision a business owner can make this year. Diane Moura and her team are the premier, focused and constant source for Social Media Marketing and corporate branding in the US.

Armando Paz, Diversified Employer Benefits

The ZenChange team quickly analyzed my old site and with just a few, but potent tweaks increased traffic to my site and inquiries about my services. This month marks my 3-year anniversary with ZenChange. Ever progressive and paying forward their own small business positive learning curve experiences, ZenChange gives me confidence and support as I navigate the internet component of my marketing plan.

Carol Montgomery, MSPT, GCFP, STMI, Montgomery Somatics