In the traditional Chinese view of medicine, the gut is the core of social relations and health. In the context of that view, over-industrialization and processing in the patterns of consumption have a negative effect on the traditional way that humans were meant to eat. Good digestion has a profound effect on the feelings that a person has both inside and toward other people.  Bad digestion (indigestion) leads to negative feelings of unhappiness, perpetual hunger, and a slew of adverse physical reactions.  Founded on this principal, Longevity Acupuncture takes a holistic and preventative approach to health care.

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Longevity Acupuncture had been experiencing a slow but steady decline in new patients, due to a focus on fertility, which with their high success rate did not tend to lead to repeat business, and issues with online visibility.


We began by interviewing the center’s top patients to understand their needs and how they make buying decisions.  We complemented this with a competitive and market analysis to recommend positioning as an alternative women’s wellness center in order to create a lifecycle approach to healthcare which would encourage repeat visits.  We developed a marketing plan with buyer personas and recommended pitch and promotional strategy.  We created a mobile-friendly WordPress website with many SEO features, and wrote or edited a significant amount of content to create a reference library useful for search optimization as well as a way to improve practice efficiency by directing patients there.  We branded social media channels and manage monthly content, including ghost writing the blog.


Improved search engine results, practice efficiency, and online visibility leading to increased referrals.

From The Client

“I like the functionality and the look of the new site. I enjoy working with your team. They are really competent and professional. I trust Zenchange! I think the new site is going to make a big difference.”
Vivian Shou-Litman, AP