There is no one size fits all marketing strategy for professional coaches because each coach has a different target market, and each stands out in their own way. But coach marketing plans share some common attributes.

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Coach Marketing Begins With Your Growth Objectives

  1. Do you want to grow your coaching business, or are you at capacity and simply want to maintain your current client list? Are you thinking of adding speaking engagements to your calendar? Do you know how to make the connections you need to get in the door?
  2. Do your website and social media profiles give you adequate business in their current form? Can you differentiate between calls that originate because of your website and ones that potential clients place because of something they saw on your social media? Learning how to tell the difference can help you more effectively distribute your marketing budget.
  3. What outcomes do you hope to gain from your marketing efforts? Do you want to simply land more clients, or is growing name recognition and becoming a thought leader in your niche more important to you? How you approach marketing your brand will change depending on how you answer these questions.
  4. Who is your ideal client? What subjects do you consider yourself to be an expert in? Your marketing efforts need to reflect your values and beliefs and to target those who share those values.
Coach Marketing Fundamentals
Marketing That Works

Coach Marketing Fundamentals

  • Adwords: Most coaching markets are highly competitive. If you Google how you would like to be found and see your competitor’s ads then you’ll need to be there too.
  • A Website That Converts: Your website needs to load in 2 seconds or less, look great on mobile and make it very obvious what you do and why you’re different from other coaches.
  • Local SEO: Your coaching business needs to be on the map. This is accomplished by creating keyword rich listings in hundreds of online directories. It is one of the most cost effective and fastest ways to be found and should definitely be part of your strategy.
  • A Newsletter & Blog: Find a way to regularly connect with your clients, prospects and fellow professional coaches by sharing a monthly newsletter with your blog excerpt, upcoming events, pictures of you interacting with the community or with clients, and tips. Remaining top of mind will help with professional referrals, making you the one a prospect will call when they have a coaching need.

Next Level Coach Marketing

  • Are you networking? Do you take full advantage of the handfuls of business cards you collect or do they sit on your desk? A CRM system is a perfect tool to automate nurturing those leads. Send customized emails that look like you fired them off from your account personally. Ask for referrals and testimonials, automate aspects of your new client onboarding. Did an initial consultation not close? Send an automated check in.
  • Social Media Visibility: Do you have a LinkedIn profile? Do you have positive reviews? Are you active daily on LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+, Instagram & Twitter?
  • Social Media Engagement: Visibility is the first step but you want to network online the same way you network at events. Join coaching and community online groups, comment on posts, share and make connections. Out in the community? Share pictures! Can you profile clients? Share testimonials?
  • On Page SEO: This involves optimizing the load speed of your coaching business’s website (like a car, it will slow down over time without a tune-up), making changes to the code to be more search engine friendly and optimizing your content for target coaching industry keywords. A proper coaching SEO strategy will help your Adwords campaign to perform better and cost you less per click.
  • Online Reviews: People really do care what others think, especially when it comes to choosing a coach to mentor them. The more 5-star reviews you have on Facebook and Google, the more likely a client will be to pay for your services. Even if they find out about you elsewhere you can be certain they are checking you out online.
  • Videos and Photos: Your visual media needs to make you stand out, so make your mark! On your website show professional photos of you working with clients. Shoot 1-2 minute videos for your website and social media of you providing coaching tips, sharing a story of a client who did or didn’t do something that either helped them or caused issues or of a client saying nice things about you. Visitors to your website or social media should get a feel for what it would be like to work with you.
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ZenChange is giving me the online local as well as global presence I need to help my business grow. Each team member I’ve collaborated with works diligently to understand me, my business, how I think and the voice by which I deliver my message. And they do so with their hearts as well as their minds.
Alicia Sirkin, Sirkin Creative Living Center

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