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Please complete the following form according to the new services and whether the client is new.  This should ONLY be completed once the client has a signed Master Agreement on file and an accepted EST.  In the case of a first time client the invoice must also have been paid.  Make sure the contact information is complete and accurate:

New Client?
  • If yes the client is sent our “Welcome to ZenChange, a few things to get us started” email that gives them a heads up about other on-boarding emails they will receive, provides the support email and our main phone number, and asks them to make their project manager (Pamela) their main point of contact for sending info or inquiring about status.  This also puts them into our follow up drip to check in on what they think of our service and ask for reviews.
  • If no then nothing is triggered
Estimate this relates to
  • Include the EST number for the work (there should always be one) so that Pamela will be able to check the scope and budget and assign the work.
New Scope For Onboarding – check all that apply.  Each service area will kick off the email that follows and open a ticket to setup the project:
Agile CRM Startup

Hi {{first_name}},

Congratulations on your decision to get started with Agile CRM!  There are so many things we’ll be able to do to help nurture your leads, enhance your customer service and in general give you some time back in your busy day!

But first things first.


If you have not already signed up for the software please use the link below to do so:

Sign Up For Agile CRM

We do appreciate you using this link as we’re an Agile CRM consulting partner and they tend to give us more attention when we call on your behalf if they know we’re working together.

You’ll need the Enterprise version.  Just start with one user license and let us know the login for setup.  Once we start sending emails you may need to pay a surcharge for additional emails, depending on the size of your list, but that will actually be good news as you’ll be connecting with more prospects.


Next up, we’ll need your contact list in .csv or .xls format with 1 contact per line.  As part of your scope we’ll clean and import up to 2000 contacts, including adding tags based on macro searches (e.g. keywords that may represent a particular profession), but not line by line edits.  If we already have access to the tool you’re using to send your emails now then you may be able to skip this, but here are a couple of other good sources of emails for your CRM campaigns you may wish to include:

1.  LinkedIn.  Did you know that you can export your LinkedIn contacts?  Click this link to find out how.

2.  Outlook or Gmail.

VERY IMPORTANT!  When you are launching your CRM it is not a good idea to buy email lists as unless they are valid and based on opt in specific to your business, you could get flagged for spam.


Let us know the “from” email for your campaigns.  This must be a domain email such as and not or or and heaven forbid not!  Any similar generic emails will be automatically flagged as spam and your contacts will never see your messages.

Here’s something else we recommend.  Ask whoever hosts your domain to set up a new domain and email for you to use as your “from” email.  Example, if your website is then rather than making your from email, purchase the domain and create an email  Why go to this trouble?  Well if by chance you end up getting flagged for spam one too many times, perhaps because your list is old and people don’t remember who you are, or you chose to ignore our very important warning in Step 2, then you wouldn’t want your website domain to be blacklisted.

Don’t worry, we can still have replies to go your regular email.


What would you like your email signature to look like?  If you want us to simply copy the one you use in your regular email then let us know.  Need to include any special disclaimers due to your industry?  We can add those too.  The idea is that when you send an email, it should look personal as if you fired it off directly from your own account.


Do we have your LinkedIn credentials?  We would like to add a widget to your Agile CRM that will allow you to connect directly with your LinkedIn contacts and even send them messages through LinkedIn while you are in Agile.


Are there particular sales stages you use to organize your leads?  We use:  Top 10, Prospect, Initial Contact, Discovery Meeting, Preparing Estimate, Estimate Created, Contracting, Won, On Hold and (gasp) Lost.  Would those work for you or would you prefer something different?


Tags.  One of the awesome things about Agile CRM is that you can add as many tags as you’d like to identify certain characteristics of a contact.  Examples include client, past client, fellow BNI chapter member, other BNI member, which services they have purchased from you (in case you can cross-sell others or need to follow up regularly with certain services), and their profession.  The trick when you’re starting your database is that whatever tags make sense for you we need to be able to find a way to identify those contacts.  But we can get creative.  For example, if we search your Excel file for the keywords “PA, P.A., attorney, lawyer and law”, chances are we can tag all of those contacts as attorneys.  It may not be perfect starting out but if we lay the groundwork then when you happen to be working on a contact in the future, if you notice they are missing a tag you can add it.  Which tags would you like us to create based on your current contact list?  It’s super easy to add tags later so don’t feel you need to come up with an exhaustive list right away.


Campaigns.  We’ll discuss with you which campaigns it makes sense to start with.  The most obvious will be a response to someone filling out a contact form on your website (see Step 9).  Here are some other ideas to get your creative juices flowing:

  • New client onboarding follow up,
  • Ask for referrals,
  • New employee follow up,
  • Met someone at a networking event (general follow up vs. ask to schedule a coffee),
  • Prospect ghosted,
  • Monthly check-in meeting reminders,
  • Lead generation campaign based on cross-sell or someone being in a specific industry,
  • Follow up on a lead that has gone cold.
  • Score a contact according to their behavior (opening emails, clicking links, browsing your website) and sending an email or opening a task for you to follow up.
  • …you get the idea.  Basically if you have a repeatable process today that could be enhanced by sending automated emails that look personalized, Agile CRM can handle it.

It’s easy to go crazy with campaigns but let’s start small.  We can always add more with our monthly support package.  Your starter package includes us writing a total of 8 emails for you, unless you have added on others, so let’s plan how to best allocate these emails across campaigns.  At a minimum you’ll need 1 of the emails as a reply to your Contact Us form.


Synch your email.  Do you use Gmail, G-Suite or Office 365?  If so we can sync your email with Agile so you’ll be able to open up a contact and see all of your correspondence with them.  This comes in handy if you have a lot on your plate and forgot if you sent something to someone.  We’ll setup the widget for you and then let you know when it is ready.  The final sync will require logging into your email account.  If you would like us to do so then please make sure we have your credentials.  If you would prefer to do this yourself then you’ll find the instructions at this link.

STEP 10:

Now that Agile has been configured for you, and your campaigns are ready to go, the final step will be to integrate your website.  This involves either adding a contact form or replacing your current contact form with one that will automatically add your contacts to your Agile CRM and kick off your Contact Us campaign.  We’ll also install a widget that will keep an eye on who from your contacts is checking out your website.  You’ll receive real time alerts (if you’re logged into your Agile CRM) that someone is browsing a specific page of your website (we promise to turn off the annoying beeps though unless you insist).  This will also be logged in the contact record so you’ll be able to tell who is checking you out and use that as input to a campaign.  Please make sure we either have direct access to your website or that we can work with whoever takes care of the website so we can give them the widget to install.  It’s really easy.

Oh and are you interested in integrated chat?  Agile CRM can do that too.  It isn’t included in our basic package since not everyone wants it but is a quick add on if you would like this functionality.  Remember that someone must be on the other end of your chat though so you’ll need to get your team ready.

Are you interested in using Agile CRM as a ticketing system for service management?  Ask us about that add on also.  It’s fairly involved and will require setting up a help file but can be done.

As you can see, we’ll have a lot going on as we setup your Agile CRM for you but we’ll make it as Zen as we can!

To summarize, here is what we need from you for your initial installation:

  1. Your Agile CRM login
  2. Your email list
  3. A “from” email for your campaigns
  4. Your preferred email signature
  5. Your LinkedIn credentials
  6. Your sales funnel stages
  7. How you would like us to tag your contacts (or we can simply check them out and recommend a structure)
  8. Which campaigns you’d like to start with so we can allocate your 8 starter emails
  9. Your email login if you’d like us to setup the sync – or we’ll let you know when it’s ready for you to setup
  10. Your website login or access to the person who manages your website.

That’s it!  You’ll love what Agile CRM can do for your business.  We do too…we’re also a client!



Kickoff Branding

Hi {{first_name}},

As we launch your branding project I’d like to ask you a couple of questions to help focus our team.  Please take a minute and respond to the quick survey at the link below;




Hi {{first_name}},

Congratulations on deciding to give the growth of your business structure with a marketing plan.  You have taken the first and critically important step to identifying your market sweet spot.  To help us prepare please click on the button below to launch a questionnaire that will be very helpful to us as we get started.  The purpose of this questionnaire is both for ZenChange to get to know you and your business plans better, as well as for you to reflect on your business key truths, your perspectives on the main reasons your clients will come to you, and what will make you different.  You should expect to find several of the questions to be reflective and thought provoking, so find a quiet space where you can dedicate about 20 minutes of your time. If we have already covered any of the questions here and you have nothing further to add, then you may skip that question.

I look forward to our next meeting.




Hi {{first_name}},

Congratulations on deciding to give the growth of your business structure with a business plan.  You have taken the first and critically important step to creating the necessary structure and strategy to succeed.  Did you know that according to Forbes, 8 out of 10 entrepreneurs fail within the first 18 months?  One of the top reasons is not having a solid plan.  So we’re excited to take this journey to success with you.

To help us prepare please click on the button below to launch a questionnaire that will be very helpful to us as we get started.  The purpose of this questionnaire is both for ZenChange to get to know you and your business plans better, as well as for you to reflect on your business model, your perspectives on the main reasons your clients will come to you, and what will make you different.  You should expect to find several of the questions to be reflective and thought provoking, so find a quiet space where you can dedicate about 20 minutes of your time. If we have already covered any of the questions here and you have nothing further to add, then you may skip that question.  We’ll also need to take a look at any financial input you have so far, including past year financial statements or assumptions.

I look forward to our next meeting.




Kickoff Social Media

Hi {{first_name}},

Before we get started on your social media management, there are a few things we’ll need from you including logins and your style preferences.  Our team is always working a month ahead on creating your content, although where possible we try to jump in when something is trending.  But thoughtful content creation takes time, as we are writing, editing and where applicable creating original graphic design images.  And before we can post, we need to make sure that we can login and schedule to all of your in scope social media accounts, check to see if your pages need updated branding & descriptions and create your content calendar for the next few months.

So to help us get rolling, please take a moment to complete the social media intake form at the link below:


Thanks, and if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out.


Kickoff Website Development

Hi {{first_name}},

Before we get started on your website, I want to make sure that my team and I fully understand how you would like it to look and what you would like it to accomplish.  Please take a moment to respond to the survey at the link below.  If you have already provided some of this information or it is readily available on your current website, then feel free to skip that question. 

The creative process is very personal and one person’s taste is very different from the next so to make sure that we capture the essence of your vision for your website, these questions will help us to better understand your taste and goals.  Our process will be very interactive and we will be in regular communication with you throughout, but this will set us off in the right direction.




Kickoff Website Maintenance

(only opens ticket to setup project)

Kickoff Call Tracking

Hi {{first_name}},

We’re setting up your call tracking so we’ll be able to assess the effectiveness of each of your marketing campaigns.  Once complete, you’ll be able to login here:


You can reach this page at any time by going to our website and clicking on Company > Client Support

Here are some things to consider:
  • Each source of leads should be assigned a phone number. This includes your website, social media, any pay-per-click campaigns AND any print ads you may decide to do.  If you do initiate something outside of what we are doing together, please let us know so we can assign a number and help you to track conversions.
  • You should check your call report regularly and flag any unsolicited calls as spam.  This will prevent that caller from contacting you again (bonus!)
  • It’s also a good idea to note within the tool which calls are current clients, partners and which are new leads as this will help tremendously with month end reporting.  If you don’t have time to do this we’ll take our best shot at it.
  • We can turn recording on or off.  Unless you are taking information over the phone subject to compliance regulations, we recommend leaving this on as it can often be very revealing in terms of how your reception is handling your calls.
An issue we have seen multiple times:
  • Many of our clients use outside call answering services.  Unfortunately we have seen many of these services throwing our clients’ money away by getting busy and not picking up calls, accidentally hanging up on callers etc.  Prospects calling in response to a campaign typically want instant gratification, and if you do not respond to the lead they move on.  We’ll help audit how your reception staff is doing but it would also be good for you to test your own service regularly by calling your office number and seeing how well your call is handled.
  • When using an outside call answering service it is typically difficult to train them to convert your leads as they have high agent turnover and agents really don’t care much about growing your business.  For your campaigns, it may be worthwhile considering having us route the calls to the mobile number of someone who cares about your business success…maybe even you.

As we progress, if you have any questions, please let us know.


Kickoff Local SEO

Hi {{first_name}},

Our local search engine optimization (SEO) team has been hard at work updating and consolidating all your local business listings on sites like Google, Yelp, FourSquare, Facebook, Bing and more!


In order to achieve optimal results with the software and programs our SEO team utilizes, we kindly ask that you refrain from manually changing your contact information on any search engine platform. (This includes social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.)

If you feel the information on one of these search engine websites is incorrect in any way, we’d be happy to make any changes that you request! You can direct your desired changes to us by opening a ticket at, and they will be tasked out to our team and updated accordingly.

Thank you for your understanding and please let us know if you have any further questions.


(only opens ticket to setup project)

Kickoff Adwords

Hi {{first_name}},

We’re excited to get started with your pay-per-click campaign.  Before we do, we’ll need some input from you in order to best target your audience.  Please complete the intake form at the link below.  Once we have your input it will take us 3-4 days to get everything setup for you.  If you would like a later start date simply let us know in the form.

After launch, we’ll be monitoring your campaign daily to optimize your ad spend.  Then on a monthly basis we’ll setup a time to connect by phone and check your campaign performance.

In the mean time if you have questions please reach out and we’ll schedule a time to chat.




Currently only opens ticket to setup project but drip campaign on how to get more reviews is pending.