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Net neutrality: What Is It And How It Will Affect Small Business Websites

Everyone knows about net neutrality. Wait, what? We do? Of course not. Up until yesterday, barely anyone had heard of it. The media had no coverage of this vote leading up to it. But with the FCC’s decision less than 24 hours ago to dismantle its regulations on net neutrality, reality has just kicked in. [...]

Small Business Spotlight: International Clinic of Biological Regeneration

The International Clinic of Biological Regeneration (ICBR) offers highly effective anti-aging treatments out of their clinics in Mexico and The Bahamas.  The foundation of their treatments is Cell Therapy, a highly rejuvenating treatment that has been practiced by physicians in Europe since 1931.  Just how rejuvenating?  As you can see from my own head shot [...]

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Small Business Spotlight: Dr. Michael Newman, DC

Dr. Newman has been practicing Chiropractic and Acupuncture in South Miami for the past 38 years.  An active member of the Miami community, Dr. Newman has served as President of Temple Beth Or, is past Vice-Chair of Miami-Dade County Schools District Citizens Advisory Committee, and a member of several chiropractic organizations including The Florida Chiropractic [...]

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Small Business Spotlight: The Organic Wine Company

Veronique Raskin grew up in the South of France where as a young girl she helped her grandmother tend her garden and her grandfather pick extraordinary fruits and vegetables, as the sweet perfume of wildflowers wafted across the meadows.  The land was farmed as Mother Nature intended, using organic fertilizers and growing complementary crops in [...]

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Video Marketing Musts

Video Marketing Musts Video Marketing is often underrated and overlooked. But the video content you post is a crucial part of your brand’s strategy. Video is a powerful tool to use to tell your company’s story and to drive calls to action. Did we mention that YouTube is the number-2-ranked search engine? But you can’t [...]

How to: Pinterest Marketing

How to: Pinterest Marketing Pinterest marketing is something often overlooked. Pinterest can be used for more than DIY birthday gifts and nifty holiday desserts. If you’ve been using the site already for pinning ideas you think are interesting, you might be surprised to know that marketing with Pinterest doesn’t take much extra. Like other social [...]