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3 Ways To Throw Your Money Away On Advertising

Before you react and think that this is post about how much I hate advertising, it isn't.  In fact, I think advertising can be a great source of leads and brand awareness for a business.  But too often I see small businesses spending money on advertising for the wrong reasons.  Here are some examples of [...]

Does Your Online Marketing Feel Like Throwing Darts?

Remember the carnival game where you had three darts to throw at a wall full of balloons to win the giant stuffed panda?  Most of the darts would hit the wall, or skim by the balloon, and if you did manage to pop a balloon it would typically be for a rather unexciting small plastic [...]

How Your Small B2B Business Can Rock Social Media

The questions we typically hear most often from small businesses about social media are: Which social media networks should I consider? What type of content should I post? These are great questions and we have certainly seen a lot of boring Business-To-Business (B2B) content on social media.  It often seems that only Business-To-Consumer (B2C)  businesses [...]

Zoho to Quickbooks Integration Tools - Zapier only works with the online version of Quickbooks, not any of the desktop versions. We also can't make any changes to records anywhere, best we could do is create a brand new contact in Zoho CRM when there's a new invoice or customer in Quickbooks, and we cannot sync updates back and forth [...]

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Importing Customers and Appointments From Bookeo To Zoho CRM

Importing customers from Bookeo: 1.  Export the customer record and make sure each row is unique.  Add a column (it must be the first column for the events steps below to work) called “Customer ID” and assign a unique identifier to each customer.  For example, enter the number 1001 as the first customer then in [...]

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Zoho CRM and Google Calendar Sync

Each user must enable a sync between Zoho CRM and Zoho Calendar as well as from Zoho Calendar to Google Calendar from their own account. Please follow the instructions below: Zoho CRM – Zoho Calendar Sync Zoho Calendar provides the option to have a two-way sync between the events in the Zoho CRM Calendar and [...]

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How To Synchronize Your Zoho and Google Contacts

Below is an article on synchronizing your Zoho contacts with Google Contacts And this explains how to synchronize your Zoho Calendar with Google Calendar. I suggest using the 2-way synch. Once your Google Calendar & Contacts are synchronized then when you create an appointment in Google Calendar, if you include the email address [...]

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