Reflection – Assess Your Company Values

Your Key Truths represent your business core values and ethics.  Finding clients, partners and employees who resonate with your key truths and therefore “get you” will naturally create a group of potential (in the words of famous marketing Seth Godin) “sneezers”, who will spread your good name like a virus by telling others.  It is important to think about what your business really stands for, as this will provide input into determining your sweet spot.

Please enter your contact information below to receive our free self-assessment of your company values.  Complete it first on your own and then if you have partners or key leadership team members, ask them to complete it as well and then compare notes.

Once you have agreed on your Key Truths, spread them freely:

  • Add them to your website
  • Include them in your marketing materials
  • Use them to set goals for your company
  • Select your top 3 and remind your employees about them regularly
  • Post them in your office
  • Live them daily.  Leading by example is your greatest teaching tool

When you focus your business you will be able to streamline, be more effective and spend less time on tasks that don’t really count.

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