Search Engine Optimization (SEO) For Small Business

SEO is a strategic marketing initiative that over time will reduce what you spend on advertising as your business will appear higher in natural search results.  It will boost the results of your social media and online advertising campaigns to bring more leads to the top of your sales funnel.

Our SEO service is effective as a standalone service, or as the perfect complement to any of your paid digital marketing campaigns such as Google Adwords, in order to both improve conversion rates and reduce your per click fees by having prospects land on a page already optimized for the keyword phrase you have purchased.

Search Engine Optimization has developed somewhat of a shady reputation over the years due to the number of companies either using offshore link farms and other shady tactics that have sometimes resulted in websites being blacklisted by Google rather than promoted.  Still other companies make SEO seem like a black box and simply take a monthly retainer without explaining to clients the details of the changes they are making.  At ZenChange we take a different approach to SEO for small business.  We treat this as a consulting and educational process for our clients, pointing out the specific changes to make on their website, where to post content for inbound link credit and what keyword phrases to use in writing content in order to reinforce niche opportunities to exploit.

  • Our Marketing Dashboard will create the analytics that we will use to recommend strategies while our SEO Consulting will provide the recommended strategies for online promotion and measure their results.  And we don’t point you in the direction of an online dashboard and leave it to you to figure out how well your SEO is progressing.  Each month we will meet with you to review progress based on our prior recommendations and discuss the rationale behind our next set of recommendations.


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85% of consumers search online to find a local business.

  • 15.6% of consumers find their attorney from an online search.
  • 52% turn to the web to find a realtor
  • 31% of searches for financial services start on a website
  • More than 40% of consumers say that information they find online affects how they deal with their health.

Confused By SEO?

Our consultative approach will help you to make informed decisions.  Contact us today for a truly different, and more impactful experience.

Target Market

What We Do

  • Marketing Dashboard development to identify online sources of traffic to your website, including keyword phrases prospects are using to find you, and websites who refer them.  This will provide you with clear analytics on which of your online strategies are working.   This dashboard will provide a snapshot of the effectiveness of your various campaigns and opportunities for future campaigns.

  • SEO Initial Website Analysis including a review of landing pages and optimization opportunities.  This analysis of your current website will provide the perfect platform for key areas to address in your website for improved search-ability.

  • Online competitive positioning across social channels against top competitors.

  • Ongoing SEO Consulting and Marketing Dashboard Maintenance including:

  • SEO strategy development
  • Oversight of the Marketing Dashboard
  • Current keyword research on terms relevant to your business
  • Ongoing competitive keyword analysis
  • Audits on link building and search engine indexing
  • Recommendations on website modifications for continued optimization including keyword phrases to include in blogs, recommendations on external tactics, and periodic ranking reports.
  • Ways to make your website “stickier” (i.e. more attractive) to visitors so they will stay longer, which in turn helps your search engine ranking.

SEO Basic

  • Target Keyword Phrases
  • Website Stickiness Analysis
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Content Optimization Recommendations
  • External Content Recommendations
  • Monthly Consulting Call

SEO One Time Review

  • SEO is best performed monthly since your competitors aren’t standing still.  However, you can often get an initial boost from a single review to address SEO fundamentals and basic changes.
  • Target Keyword Phrases
  • Website Stickiness Analysis
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Content Optimization Recommendations
  • In depth Feedback Consulting Call
  • Up To 10 Hours Of Implementation Of Agreed Changes On Your Website